what's better 168 or 180


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Mar 5, 2006
I need some advice. In my 600 yard f-class rifle what would be better? The 180 berger vld , and the 175 smk or the berger 168 vld and 168 smk? What I'm trying to ask what's better a little higher BC or a little higher FPS? With the 180 and 175 I can get about 2780 fps out of my 284 win. With the 168 I'm hoping to get around 3000 fps.
The best thing of you can afford it is try them all. Let your rifle tell you what is best. Accuracy is always more important than a few points of a BC. If they all have the same accuracy and consistency potential out of your rifle, then choose the one with the highest BC. If not, pick the one your rifle likes the best. A higher BC bullet often drops more than a lower one due to velocity differences yet drifts less due to the higher BC even though it is going a bit slower. Drop is of no concern in a match but windage is.
i would try re-17 for sure. should give you 100 fps more. if there is much wind the higher bc are better. if your rifle will shoot the 180 good then use it.
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