what would you pay for this dillon 650xl? help plz!

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    Dec 3, 2012
    Here is a list of what the guy has. want your guys input to see if its a good deal or this is a jacked up price! thanks he's asking 1800 for everything

    Dillon XL 650 reloading 5 station progressive press with strong mount
    5 powder dies
    4 conversion kits 380,9mm,45,223
    5 die sets Dillon, Lee, RCBS
    4 tool heads all set up for each cal
    1 powder check
    4 case gages
    extra small powder bar
    Billet roller handle
    3 reloading manuals Lyman 49th edition, Lee 2nd edition, Speer #14
    Lyman case trimmer
    RCBS 750 Powder scale
    I have powder, bullets, brass
    brass tumbler
    bullet hammer
    small and large primers rifle and pistol

    The guy says he is throwing 5lbs of power few thousand primers and about 500 bullets and brass for each caliber mentioned. kinda as a kicker and he says he will take 1800 cash? is that a rip off?