what would you do?


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Dec 16, 2008
ok so i am trying to find a smith who will do work on a weatherby i thought that would be easy enough , but it seems that most of the ones that seem to have a good reputation only work on 700 actions or customs.....i found one near me but i dont know i havent ever heard of him and i cant find anyone who has used him ( he is better known for dealing in class 3 weapons) so what would you do? take a shot and use the one you can find or keep looking? does anyone know if SSG does work on weatherbys i sent him a message but he seems to be really busy right now so i just figured id see if anyone had him work on theres
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Apr 5, 2008
Central ND
SSG<= Nate works on the vanguards, not sure about the other. If you are curious about his work, just do a search and you will see his work. He is building me my sixth rifle. It might be a little bit before he get back to you he will be out of his shop for a little bit. I know it is tough to wait for a rifle, but I guarntee it is worth every minute.