what was the parent case for the 338 RUM


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Dec 18, 2001
what is the parent case for the 338 RUM.its the 404 jeffery for the short mags.what is it for the ultra mags.do you find the short mags to be more accurate than the ultra mags.im talking about the short fat thing that makes the ppc so accurate,thanks,keith


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Dec 8, 2002
You know, I don't know what the short mag parent round is. The 404 has a base size of 540 and the short mag is .556 so there is something different. They may not have a parent case after all. Winchester and Remington can make anything they like from scratch, just like they've done for a hundred years. I'd be surprised if it makes any difference to them what they start with when they make a new cartridge.


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Apr 18, 2003
Newburgh NY
The original wildcats that both the WSM and Ultra Mag come from were based on the 404 Jeffrey case. The two big gun makers have pirated someone elses ideas for years with just changing one or two small things and then calling it their own. I believe the biggest difference between the Ultra and the original 30-404 is that the rim on the Ultra is rebated and the shoulder less steep.


Almost right.
The WSM is a "348 Rimless." Although Jamison proved it was worth doing, with the 404 case, I'm going to have to say Winchester owns that WSM case. And it started life as the 50-100-450 Winchester, circa 1887!

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