What unit in Wyoming??

Sunny 20s now. Barely melting. More snow almost daily on the western side of the divide. This feels like another year where it snows until Fathers Day. 😔
Your west side has been getting hammered. South , central and east sides also. N/W part here, Bighorn basin been lucky.
Need warm air to make wind and that’s not on the menu for Pinedale yet.
Wind kicking up. Clouds rolling in. Website says 45. Mine says 56. You be chilly at 28 😳


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Spring is about two weeks long here in June. The speed goats are finding some places to get through the crusty snow out in the desert and I’m starting to see some brush start to be exposed. They’re feeding on something but they could use some help. Hoping the snow stays up high where it belongs. The deer don’t look too happy either.
That would be the smart thing to do. A buck can cover a great many does. They probable should shut down the doe season for a year or two. That' depending on just how hard they were hit.
I’ve actually seen the proposed numbers. The Lander One Shot Antelope tags have been cut 34%. Area 68 tags were cut in half. Almost no zone is untouched. Dismal year with a pony and a rainbow at the end of it….I hope….