What unit in Wyoming??

Snowed some here today and 80% chance of snow Friday. We got maybe two inches Tuesday but it melted pretty quick.

We have ten-twelve foot mounds of snow next to the garage right now. I'll probably have to mow around it before it all melts.šŸ˜šŸ„“

Although it is warming up we are still about 12 degrees below normal with lows in the single digits and teens and highs in the twenties and low thirties. We did have a couple of forty degree days last week and some more forecasted ahead. Beats the negative fifty wind chills we were having!

Last week was the first bare ground spots I have seen on our place in four and a half months.

Buffalo WY area.
I was on a ranch between Buffalo and Sheridan a couple weeks back. There was a lot of snow there this year. We still have four to five foot drifts in Gillette also.
6ā€ of wet and heavy snow so far in Cheyenne since 3:30 pm + fog. First Day of Spring? This winter is along way from over around here.
Big Don is the wind still blowing like last weekend? I went down to Cheyenne on Sunday for good Italian food for lunch. Gusts were hitting 70+ MPH on the way back home.
Dad and I hunted 47 (Shirley Basin) 3 years ago. I think we drew with 4 pts each. I don't think you'll kill any monsters but you will see hundreds of goats and we had the place to ourselves. In 3 days of hunting I think we saw maybe 3 or 4 other hunters in there. There is alot of vehicle traffic from the windmills and such but the antelope are used to it. Was a great hunt. Was almost overwhelming the amount of bucks we saw as they all started to look the same size. Was a great hunt.
hunted area 47 3x so far, we stayed in Medicinebow for the last time last year
I hear they just hire a township man to keep replacing the population sign count down due to the drug overdoses!
the Hotel food quality PLUMETED down!
we got checked by the warden supervisor every day, he was cool as heck!
Wyoming has been hit EXTREMELY hard this winter across the board, heavily impacting all species across the state. There is an article indicating as much as a 50% antelope winter kill west of Rawlins.

I would consider the upcoming hunting season in Wyoming will be WELL BELOW par for antelope, deer, and elk.
I've got a few preference points for wyoming Antelope and just not sure what unit to put in for.
Never been to wyoming so really don't know what to expect or have anything to go on.
I do have membership with gohunt and have onyx and have done some research, kinda leaning toward unit 60.

Any Ideas or guidance would be appreciated

Do not draw for Region C. Myself and 2 buddies hunted last year and the one before. We covered a lot of ground, there are very few deer in Campbell County.
WY fish & game is just selling tags for revenue. I didnot even see a buck in 5 days of hunting sun up to sun down.
In my opinion this area should not be hunted for 5 years until population is re-established.
Given the winter we have been experiencing, I'm guessing most units will have decreased tag numbers. That means more difficult drawing odds. If you really want to hunt Wyoming antelope, pick a unit that you can for sure draw and go for it. Just make sure it's not a unit that has lots of private land.
Sunny 20s now. Barely melting. More snow almost daily on the western side of the divide. This feels like another year where it snows until Fathers Day. šŸ˜”