What to do what to do....?


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Sep 15, 2009
SW MT or noVA
I am having trouble deciding what i should do.

Here's the deal:
I have a .308win that i had rebuilt for F-class and bought a new Savage 116 300 win mag for LR hunting.
I also have a 4-14x44 FFP Mildot Falcon Optics scope. Now im trying to make this all fit, i need at least on new scope, but have also considered selling the Falcon and buying anew higher magnification scope for the LR hunting rig.

My budget isnt too big. Im still in highschool so Nightforce and all the big boy toys are out of question at this point. I'm thinking about getting a used Sightron SII 36x or similar for my F-class gun, and selling the Falcon and then adding some cash for a Millet 6-25x56 or similar, perferably used since im running low on cash right now.

Got into this jam by having my .308win rebuilt, and then not having a rifle for an upcoming hog hunt in Texas, so i scrambled to get a Savage 116 FLHSS 300 win mag, a rifle i've wanted for a while. Then i noticed how i need about 200 dollars worth of reloading gear, case holders, brass, etc, etc. So money is running reallyyy low. Need to come up with a smart solution.
For now even just having one good scope to put on the 300 win mag is fine, ill just move it over to the .308 for the monthly matches until i can get a dedicated scope.

Any suggestions would be very appreciated!
I know your budget is pushed waaaay into the red. So, put the Falcon on your 300wm and I'll continue to advocate for the Bushnell 3200 10x for your 308. For $175 the price can't be beat and it would be a good bridge until you can afford a better scope for your 308. I've got one in the safe right now if you want to see one. It's going on my 223 until I get a custom Leupold.
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