What Tent and sleeping bag combo?

I would recommend trying out whatever bag you buy before you buy it. My dad bought a 0 degree bag from Big 5 sporting goods. After sleeping in this bag I believe the 0 degree rating could only be placed on this bag to keep you alive over night. Its paper thin and a few blankets would do a better job. I like Sierra Designs personally. I know they aren't very popular but I have several bags from them and really like the loft and they are true to the temp they advertise.
There are many good light-weight tents on the market now, especially if you don't camp in deep winter and thus don't need 'four season' use. In warmer weather, I carry just a light fleece blanket - much lighter and rolls up small. A small inflatable air matress is reasonably light but is much more comfy for old bones than the closed-cell pads, and rolls far smaller than the self-inflators.
I keep my cooking needs very simple - I carry a couple GI canteens for water, and have a GI canteen cup to cook in - or even just use the MH food packets - add hot water (boiled in the GI cup), zip it closed - in ten minutes, it's chow time! Burn the packet - no food mess to clean up!
I have a wee Coleman MAX propane stove that is pocket size minus the small cartridge. Very packable! Or cook/heat over the fire and don't need the stove!
I have a bad back, so "Light is GOOD!"
Well the hunt is over. Figured I would tell my experience. First of all pack weight was 47 lbs plus 9 or so for rifle. Climber 3000 plus feet and 2.5 miles or so first day. Weather was 15 deg with 30 mph winds the first night. Set up the Hilleberge tent in the snow, the Thermarest mattress, KIFARU 0 deg bag. Climbed in with all my clothes on minus boots. Stayed warm all night long. Went a few more miles Weather got nice after that and all was well. Stayed 5 nights on the mountain. Killed a nice 3x4. Thanks for all the help with the gear setup.
Congratz sounds like an amazing trip.
If you are out in milder Weather the Hilleberg Enan is a good option. It's a three season tent, about a pound lighter than the Hilleberg Akto at 2 pounds 10 oz. vs the Akto's 3 pounds 12 oz. ready to roll. A round sheet is optional and adds a little weight. The ground sheet fits both tents. I own both of these tents and they are very functional and well made.
Motel room....travel trailer....
It gets cold and uncomfortable up north....
You southern boys will freeze.....
I live in SE Idaho....and I get really cold quickly....gloves are a must....thermal gear....but you need enough to last the hunt time...
Washing machines keep the baggage lighter.....
I use a Kifaru tut, and slick bag.....

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First, tell all the hunters you are from California and they will happily help :)
Honestly, don’t sleep in your day gear. Pack an extra pair of wool base layers and let clothes dry. Worth the extra couple ounces. Just my opinion, but my hunting partner has hiked the major mountain ranges all over the world and has taught me things I had no idea about. I was raised in the mountains in Idaho and this works for me. Definitely other ways though.
BTW, my Tarptent Moment DW (Double Wall) is a solo tent. Its small one-person size means it heats up more easily and stays that way.
Temperature inside is typically 15 F. higher than outside.

But I still have enough room to sit up inside and it has 2 doors and 2 vestibules, one for gear storage and one for entrance/foul weather cooking. Plus its shape sheds wind and snow very well.

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Getting back to the original question. Those little kid Stu stoves don’t stay hot long but they don’t need much wood and do heat a small tent up nicely
First of all thanks to everyone who offered there knowledge. I have ordered the Hilleberg AKTO tent and THermarest Xtherm pad I am almost ready to pull the trigger on the Marmot 0 Trestles Elite bag at 3.12LB, and Sierra BackCounty bivy at 14oz. I already have one of those emergency foil looking bags. Im not sure how the foil bag could come into play but i figured it wont hurt to have it. With this setup how cold do you think one could sleep comfortably?
I am interested in your AKTO, but am unable to respond to the classified due to being new here, i guess. Let me know if it's still available, thanks.