What Spotting Scope Do You Use?


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Jul 10, 2001
I'm interested in which spotting scope you all use, and what do you all think of all the different spotting scopes available. Who do you think makes the very best one for long range hunting, and why?

Most here use the big eyes... But I have a great spotting scope for sale!! I have used it for a year but have little use for it.. moving on to somthing similar to big eyes...

Cabela's Alaskan Guide series 20-60X70mm

Great power range.. e-mail me if your interested...

Bigeyes come in a wide variation.
They can be two Bushnell Spacemaster spotting scopes put in a bracket or two Kowa spotters in a bracket or ex Military large ship or artillery binoculars.

The reason we use them is because of the ease of use and much less eye strain after hours af scanning the far mountains for game.

Once a person usues the bigeye setup, they will never go back to plain binoculars or single spotters for extended viewing.

Brackets are not usually sold by themselves unless you know someone who makes them.

I have put about 40 or more Bigeyes sets together over the years.

I have one bracket extra that will fit the Spacemasters at this time.

If interested, $200.00 sent to you.

Darryl Cassel
Hey DC, I have an old pair of U.S. Navy ,Big, Binocs. Too heavy and big for the hunting pack, but amazingly clear! I can see more with them than I can with much more powerful spotting scopes. Wifes step dad has some nice tripod mounted binocks, but I can see more with the ol' Navy's. Wonder who made there lens'es?
OK, so that's why my web search for "big eyes" came up empty. Darryl, I'm interested in obtaining a bracket for a pair of Kowa's. Please let me know when you have a pair. Thanks.
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