WHat size rings?


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Jul 30, 2009
SW Missouri
I'm going to be mounting a Nikon Monarch 4-16x42 on a Remington Sendero. I'll be using an EGW 20 MOA rail and Burris Extreme Rings. Any idea what size of ring's I'll need? I already have a pair of high rings, should I use those and install an adjustable cheek rest?
It's the shape and dimensions of YOUR face and cheek which matters. No one can tell you based on the rifle, scope, stock and rail. The right scope height will be comfortable with a firm cheek weld with you trigger hand and stock. A proper scope hight will guide you to a fast and repeatable hold with your eye comfortably centered on the scope with correct eye relief...for your face.

Scope height above the bore does change the zeroing and point blank range of a rifle and scope. In my opinion that's less important than having a proper cheek weld. To adjust both you need to adjust both the height of the scope and the height of the comb of the stock relative to the bore. (or select them correctly to start with based on other rifles that you know fit you.

Should you use an adjustable cheek rest? It' s your face and cheek. Go ahead and mount it with what you have then see how it fits. Check how much clearance between the scope and whatever interferes with it (usually the barrel or rail). Then check how you face fits in the positions you'll likely be using it. From that determine what you need to do.
rick, I am using an EGW rail and Burris Xtreme rings on multiple rifles. my 8-32x56 NSX Nightforce mounts well with the med XTR rings on my Rem XCR LRT. there is sufficient clearance between the objective and the barrel. I run a defensive edge cheek piece on this rifle as well.
The EGW rail adds a bit of height over some other rails so a high version of the rings isnt necessary. My wifes rem sps Varmint wears a 44mm objective scope on an EGW rail and the low rings mount with adequate clearance as well. we installed an aftermarket cheek piece on this rifle as well moreso because the stock's cheekpiece was a poor fit for her
Medium rings should do it, just make sure you mount the scope as low as possible with just enough room between objective and barrel to allow for any flexing of the scope particularly on a heavy recoiling magnum.
I asked this exact question to an optics selling sponsor on this board, EGW base and Elite 6500 2.5-16x40. I wanted Burris Signature rings and they sold me medium height insisting that's what I needed. I would have sent them back but I had the 'smith building my rifle Duracoat them to match. The rings are WAY to high and I plan on replacing them. The barrel is a #5 contour. I believe a 56mm objective would fit. The EGW base really sits up there; at least with 20 MOA built in.
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