What Scope?


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Feb 22, 2004
Madison, WI
I'm currently looking for a scope to go on my next rig. The rifle will most likely be a 10-12lbs .338 RUM, most likely in a tactical configuration. Now what I need is a scope. The rifle will be used from anywhere from 50yards on out to 500yards. Variable power is a must. Structural Integrity is a must (with possible recoil). My price range is 500-750 dollars. Thanks, and fire away.
Take a good look at the shepherd 6x18 pwr ballistic,s scope for that rifle. I put one on a 300 ultra mag and love it. Cost is 700.00
I'll second the IOR's. I have a 2.5-10 on a 8.5 lb scoped .300 Jarrett. Seems to handle recoil just fine. I've also had their 4.5-14 and currently have a 6-24 mounted on a 22-250. Excellent and tough scopes IMO.
I have a IOR on my 300 RUM and it works great. if you are only shooting to 500, get the varitable.
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