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Jul 13, 2004
I am new to the LRH scene but have shot since I can remember I currently run .223, .243 & .308 rifles all fitted with fixed power Schmit & Benders now I am starting to push the ranges out (on targets at the moment) I feel more magnification is needed but would also like to drop magnification if the need arises. The reason I stuck with fixed mag was to save altering zero as I zoom up or down. I know that there are scopes that do not shift when zooming but don't know what they are called or if S&B do them (would like to stick with S&B) can anyone help??


p.s I am in the U.K

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Apr 17, 2003
North Carolina
Sir, the scope you describe is called a front or first focal plane reticle. Most European scopes are as well. Most US/Jap scopes are rear or second focal plane.
Sheperds are both. Most all S&B variables are FFP.

While it is a superior reticle placement, the US has been slow to embrace this concept.
We seem to prefer a reticle that stays the same size, as doesnt "grow". Not me though.

If I were you, I would stick to the S&B line of scopes. I mean, they are only the finest hunting scope in the entire world.
IMHO, of course. And as I understand it, they are more affordable for you than for us.

Most guys on this forum are wanting to upgrade from a Tasco or Bushnell to a Leupold. You are already at the top of the food chain, Brother.
Not a bad place to be.

It like a wet dream for me to live in a place where your "standard issue scope" is a S&B.
Holy cow!!!!

Anyway, how far out are you looking to shoot?
Budget?? (In US dollars, if you please.)

Reticle choice?? Duplex, ranging, mil dot?

I'm sure the gang will chime in here soon.

You'll get some good intel on this forum.

I was just trying to set it up so we could find out more about your needs and or wants first.

Welcome to LRH!!!

Pete Lincoln

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Mar 17, 2004
Leon, i can probably get you a decent price on a S&B here in Germany, beat York Guns or Sportsmans either way, Which scope you looking at? I use a 3-12x50 and a 4-16x50 PMII. They are the dogs you knows, superb. I have also used the 4-16x50 long range hunter. I like the PMII line better. you will not see any zero shift on this kind of scope as already explained. I have found the PMII to be 100% reliable, i have been using the 3-12x on up to 4 different rifles , all fitted with a picatinny rail, i just swap the scope over, torqu up the Badger rings adjust the scope for the known ( i tested it thoroughly) deviation between rifles, smack on the money every time, which is a credit to Badger and S&B alike. drop me a mail if you need a helping hand. Pete

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