What scope to get?


Sep 23, 2003
I need help with what scope to get for my Remington Sendero VS in 25-06. I've looked at the Burris ballistic plex and ballistic mildot scopes as well as the Shepherd scopes. Any opinions on these or other recommendations would be of a great help. I will be hunting deer and coyotes probably up to around 600 yards. Thanks
Miller, Actually, I'd like to talk you into a 4-16X Burris Signature with Ballistic Mil-Dot, $480.00 through Midway or Natchez, I checked to see how accurate the marks were in conjunction with the load for my 6mmRem( just out to 200yds.)the 200yd. group was right on top of the 100yd group using the first mark or mil-dot below center, would like to test at longer ranges if I could shoot on the 600yd. range. In my opinion, this scope would be ideal for your 25-06 Sendero, I don't care what Sakofan says
Shooting that distance, or more.
Might look into IOR's.

The MP 8 reticle is very, very, nice.

I would pass on the Shepperd, only because the optic quality is not as good as others, IMHO. But, they are a great concept, and are tough as they come, according to some friends..sakofan

BTW..Dont believe anything Jay Gorski says about Burris scopes...He secretly owns a ton of stock in Burris, and is trying to get everyone to buy one. Since Nikon got most of Burris's market share now..
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