What scope power?

My preferance (and I'm half blind lol) for shooting at 1k I would like at least 20x.

I shoot allot at woodchucks and the higher magnification helps locate them. For a big game scope the higher power may not be needed but the good thing is you don't always hafta have it on max power.....but it's there when you need it.
There are a lot of threads and posts that state that for 1000 yard shot 10x is good enough, from there up it just depends on how much do you want to spend. A lot of long range shooters use Nightforce scopes, and a lot of the guys that make custom rifles recommend them also, so it looks you are in a good path. Good luck and keep us posted.
You said the farthest you want to shoot, but what will your shortest shot be at? High magnification really hurts at close range.
You said the farthest you want to shoot, but what will your shortest shot be at? High magnification really hurts at close range.

The shortest shot should be 100yd. But will practice to make it work under if need be.
I have mad some shots using the side of my scope rings as a rough site. But wouldn't make it a normal practice unless I practice.:D

For 100 yards a 5.5 getting close to being a little high imho. I shoot a Nikon 5.5-16.5 and for a quick shot at 100 I wouldn't want any higher.

If it was me and I wanted to take regular shots out between 700 and 1000 I'd look at the 5-22 model. If I intended to take more between 200-500 than the 3.5 - 15 would be what I'd look at.
how much power is a personal thing. thats the advantage of varieable scopes.
more power is nice when target shooting. i feel it can be a drawback however when hunting.
i rarly go beyond 10 to 12 power when hunting, even though my scopes can go higher. even on shots at the longer distances you mention.
i like a larger field. if the animal runs, i have an easier time staying on it. when it stops im ready, and dont have to go looking for it.
thats especially important where lots of trees are involved. sometimes they stop where you cant see them. if you lost him when he ran, that becomes a bigger problem. whereas if you were able to stay on, you know where he is and can wait or chase him out.
first round kills are nice and should be strived for. being prepared for follow up shots is even more important in my mind.
staying on the animal is of the utmost importance. whatever it takes to accomplish that should be used.
I've had a Nightforce 8-32x56 Benchrest -NP-R1 for 8 or 9 years now. Wouldn't trade it for anything!
Sendero7, what power do you usually use and do you shoot mostly game or paper? I love the NF BR's
In a perfect world, high magnification is usually not necessary in making a long shot at 1000+ yds. Many do it with a 10x scope. Having said that, we must also recognize that conditions are rarely perfect when making long range shots in the field. For many of us, the higher magnification of our scopes are used to read conditions (wind) along the intended path of our bullet. With a 10x scope, I can see the elk at 1000 yds and hold the crosshair steady on his shoulder. What I cannot see are the leaves and stalks of vegetation at 500, 800 and 1000 yds. They give me clues as to how the wind is acting (mph & direction) at those distances. For this reason, I use the 5.5-22X NXS scope. When I am out hunting with it, I just pray that nothing walks in at less than 200 yds. At closer ranges, things tend to happen rather quickly and trying to find a deer in thick vegetation at 5.5x power certainly makes your hunt become "interesting" in a big hurry.

90% of the time it stays on 22x which matches the moa reticle. It's a rare case that I use 32. Here in the Carolina lowcountry I shoot the bean fields and corn fields which is a late afternoon, early evening and crack of daylight shooting. Mirage doesn't play a part in the shot, so I practise during those same times. Deer at 200yds or closer are head or neck shot. The few times that I've used this rifle in the swamps, it was set on 8 to 10. Again short shorts are head and neck. Image quality is excellent. If the lighting is correct I can crank it up to 32x and see the 7mm bullet holes on the target at 500 yds.
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Sendero7, Thanks for responding. Sounds like your scope is mostly used for hunting...interesting you went with the BR model as most go with NSX...nothing wrong with BR model in my book...just curious. I've heard some say they use the NSX as it's a little more rugged than the BR for hunting.
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