What round would you choose?


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Oct 18, 2018
So I know this gets hashed out a lot,but what round factory or wildcat would you choose to shoot out to 1 mile. And why would it be the reason for your choice. Is B.C. Or velocity or weight of the bullet the most important factor.let me hear your thoughts.
Lots and lots of options.

Is this a dedicated hunting rig, target or hybrid dual purpose rig.

To me any cartridge that will drive a big 30 or 33 to as close to 3k as possible.

Altitude makes a huge difference. For example I entered the numbers for my 30 nosler running a 230 berger at 2980 (sporter rifle). At sea level it's hitting the limits of super sonic speed at 1800 yards. Go to 5000 asl and you're good to 2k plus on velocity.

I'm thinking 30 nosler / 300 prc / SMs as a minimum and go from there. The RUM and RUM based rounds, Norma and Lapua mags would be the sweet spot step them up to the AI versions to put icing on the cake.

I'm building a sporter weight 30-28 nosler to run the 245s if they ever come back and would add that to the list. That would certainly get you there.

All based on my opinion and no real world experience past 1k but the velocity numbers do give you minimum starting points.
Recoil tolerance? 338s are king in the wind. 300 Berger at 2750-2830 from a rum with 26-28" barrels. They recoil similar to a warm 300 Norma load. Any heavy high bc bullet from a 7mm or larger bore with 2900+ muzzle velocity will stay supersonic to a mile. That's the key is to stay away from transonic velocity as bullet flight gets inconsist there.