What rifles are you planning to use in the 23/24 deer seaon?

To all 6.5 creedmoor shooters using staball match and staball 6.5 using the 143 grain eldx and the 147 gr. eldm how many grains are you using for each load and the velocity of each and please include your barrel lenth and twist rate. need this information to work up for my deer hunting season. Thank You. PM Me with info.
Hodgdon has data for both of those bullets with the creedmoor. Twist rate, barrel length and primer data included.
My new 20" 6.5 PRC with Berger 140 elites

I enjoy seeing different set ups used for deer. I'll start with my 1885 high wall 6mm creedmoor using a 88 hammer hunter for field sits. And for drives and foul weather I'll be using my m77 Hawkeye 25-06 running a 90 absolute hammer. View attachment 496617View attachment 496618
Nice rifles, will be using a 6.5 Creedmoor, Bergara HMR (daughter will use), will use a 300 win mag CA mesa action with their modern precision stock, if I get it back a 7mm PRC Ruger America go wild. If I get Elk tag, Savage 110 338 win mag or the CA.
For our local blacktails, I'll start with my Stewart Rifles 7-08 (20" Rock, Stiller SA, McMillan Edge), but my 1980s M70 Fwt 257R will likely see some use too. Both are favorites to shoot. The R700 Classic 25-06 is taking time off this season.
Hodgdon has data for both of those bullets with the creedmoor. Twist rate, barrel length and primer data included.
yes I know but as a reloader I would like test proven data from other reloaders who have tested max powder rate just below pressure signs and accuracy. which powder companies wont due to liability issues.
Top is my 6.5 prc Zermatt arms Origin action, trigger tech special, Stockys carbon, detachable m5, carbon six 22in, dead air can, Trijicon tenmile 4-24x50.
2nd Savage ultralite 6.5 creedmoor, HS precision stock, ptg detachable mag, and vortex razor lht 3-15x42.
3rd Christensen arms ba tactical 300 prc with a Nightforce nx8 4-32x50. I switch it up all season.
I'll be using my pre-64 Model 70 Winchester Featherweight in .264 Win Mag. I've been using it for 49 years and it never fails me. One shot and done. Have used it for whitetails in Kentucky, West Virginia, Texas, and Oklahoma. Also used it for mule deer in Utah and Wyoming. Pronghorn in Colorado, Dall sheep (3), caribou, and moose in Alaska. I have other guns, including a 6.5 Creedmoor, but seldom use them. The old Winchester is just part of me, an old friend.