What rifle configuration.??

Jake in NC

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Oct 25, 2002
.. What rifle configuration would be the most "universal".?? Bench guns are great in their proper place but a real pain to carry any distance at all.. The "Sendero" type varmint stocks seem to wanna torque a good bit in bags.. But they're not bad for carrying a little ways and a Harris is nice for just about anything I've encountered so far.. (Nothing very long yet,mind you.)
.. Whatchyasay.?? Single shot,mag feed.? RB/LP works great for bench shooting but how about afield.??
.. Variable opinions sought.!! d:^) JiNC

This is what I'll try to acomplish when building my 338 Lapua Imp this fall.

I'm looking at a longer barrel than most would for this application but that's about it. I want a fairly flat forend, fairly level buttstock for the bags, not too wide a forend, but wide enough it is fairly stable.
Weight between 10-16 lbs somewhere. Harris bipod and neopreme sling. Single shot works for me.
RB/RP works for me, I'm not that picky... yet.
I would order a custom Nesika action in RB/LP having that option though, but that's for the next rifle.

Its not the stocks that cause the torque in the bags, its tight twists. A 14.5 to 15 twist can GREATLY reduce all that torque. The only problem is that then you are stuck with 130's-155's in a 30 cal. but with the slower twist they can be launched faster making up for the energy loss in a lighter bullet.

My favoraite configuration is a 700 accurized action, 26-28" heavy barrel with a 14-15 twist in a 308 with a McMillan M40A1 stock, shooting 155 palma bullets. This gun will rival a 7mm Rem that uses 140s to 150s without all the recoil and 2 times the accuracy. This config weighs 14-15 pounds depending on what scope and this includes a bi-pod. This is still a decent amount of weight to pack. Unlike those bench guns.

easy.. tactical style.. and a Rem BDL action

McMillan A3 stock.. flat on the forend but tapered you can raise or lower your aim by sliding front or back. No torque as they are very stiff... Palm swell.. nearly verticle pistol type grip.
You can keep weight to under 10 lbs if you do it right..
#5 barrel fluted even #6 fluted.. about 26" or so even 28"
use lighter weight bases and rings...

if ya want single shot put in a removable follower...

I have a pic of my 308 on the GGVG board tonight give it a look...
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