What powder does Hornady use in their Precision Hunter ammo?

I don’t mix different powders but as some of you have figured out even same powders of different lots may differ. I had 14# of H1000, simply poured all in to a five gallon bucket, snapped on the lid and rolled it around for a while. (During slightly humid day, out side on concrete drive way, away from the house). Worked well, several different lots, over a two year purchase. Now 14# of one homogeneous lot.

Also used H4350 under the 147gr ELD M and almost matched Hornady’s perfectly to their match Ammo out to 500 yards.
I sure agree about the H4350 being close to Hornady's loads. I get the same FPS with the H 4350 in my 6.5 PRC and in my 6.5 Creedmoor with the 147 and the 143 gr. Thanks for finding your load here also
I disassembled a few of my 300 PRC PH ammo last night, 2 differing lot numbers, and they used different powders. Seems even a large company like Hornady cant get enough of the same powder.
Which reiterates the theory that if you find a factory cartridge that your rifle likes you buy more of that lot number so that you don't have to keep going out to see if what you just bought in the future will shoot well.

The same goes for powder. I have used IMR 4320 since the early 70's when I started reloading. After I figured out a sub MOA load for my 308 and 30-06 it is all I have ever used with Nosler 165 partitions and 168 gr competition. Now with IMR 4320 no longer available I am again on the search for a powder to replace those loads,so back to the drawing board, So far IMR 4350 and IMR 4895 are not it. Tried some Winchester 760 in a 30-06 load using Sierra Match King 190gr that looks promising. Shot 0.060 MOA the other day. Now have to see how it does with lighter bullets, then on to the 308.

Target on the left was IMR 4350. Target on the right was Winchester 760. Also identified some elevation tracking problems with the scope.


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I sure agree about the H4350 being close to Hornady's loads. I get the same FPS with the H 4350 in my 6.5 PRC and in my 6.5 Creedmoor with the 147 and the 143 gr. Thanks for finding your load here also
H4350 was used as the original powder in the creed.In fact the load data was on the box. One of the guys involved in the creed was a high power rifle comp shooter and requested Hornady use a canister powder and put the load data on the box. Now they use a non canister powder with a similar burn rate. That is really what happens when guys think they find the powder that an ammo company is using. They just find a canister powder with a similar burn rate to the factory powder.
Nothing new. Ammo companies typically develop loads based on the powders they either produce or purchase that are, often, not considered canister grade, i.e. not meeting the specific parameters to be released as say H4350, 4895, H1000, etc, etc. Having access to pressure testing equipment and other, they then produce a suitable product to sell that meets a certain set of factory parameters.

Its the reason when you find a specific factory load that works very well in your rifle, you need to buy several boxes of that same lot before it changes.

Over the decades, I have bought hundreds of # of factory and mil surplus non-canister grade powders and developed some very good handloads simply based on the specified burn rate. Basically, what the factories do.
Saw this and found it interesting

This was an EXCELLENT video and a real eye opener for people that don’t reload and thank goodness I do! This possibly explains why there is no Reloader 26 to be found in the USA (I’ve been on waiting lists at 3 different suppliers for over 2 years). Thanks for sharing this video.
Here's two pictures, 10X SEM's, of different powders. There almost 1000 on the site, some are the same powder, but different lots, like these.
The dates on the pictures are dates the pictures were taken, not the date of manufacture. I haven't seen any of this for sale in this century. I saved a little in a 1lb cardboard can from waaay back. Still has the price on it, $1.75.
As we all know these big bullet companies have the means to have a private powder developed for their ammunition. It's completely proprietary. Even if it looks like something we the little guy has on our reloading shelf, it's not the same.
It depends on the lot and the cartridge--obviously you won't use the same powder for a 308 that you use for a 6.5 PRC. and then within the same caliber/bullet weight they often blend powders and change that based on what they have. They will of course use powders suitable for the interior ballistics of the particular cartridge but may change powders for various lot #s depending on what is available. Bottom line if you buy factory ammo you have to test/re-zero for each new lot, especially if shooting long range--500+ yds. BTW, if you reload and change powder lots you have to do the same thing.
Smokeless powder production is not an exact science, and many times the industry sets out to produce a large lot of a specific powder, but the end product may have a slightly different burn rate or other characteristics than the narrow parameters of the original. Thus, these powders cannot be considered canister grade for reloaders and must be sold or used separately, but ammo companies have the pressure testing equipment to formulate varying lots and loads using a variety of these powders. The next batch of powder may or may not match the last lot, and the process starts anew.

Ammo companies can easily use these various powders to develop loads, and they can change the loads specifically to the new production variances. Typically, this would not work with most handloaders who expect a canister powder, pick any one, to have very similar characteristics as the last can he/she purchased. However, we all know even varying lots of canister grade powders can perform slightly different, but usually, the differences are slight in order to be labeled as before. I.e. 4350 cannot burn like 4320, Unique cannot burn like Blue Dot, etc, etc