What powder does Hornady use in their Precision Hunter ammo?

Wow, very informative and interesting on the gentleman’s 300 PRC Precision Hunter powder experiment. I was very surprised myself by this. I often will pull factory loads to weight them to figure out a powder burn rate after I have chrono’d them. I can get real close figuring out their burn rate based on the charge weight and velocity; however it is still sometimes a guess on the powder manufacturer. If I can match the burn rate I can usually beat factory loads on velocity and accuracy. Thanks for the post—great post.
Hornady Superformance Powder is a blended powder that they blend themselves.
Yet in their superperformance line of ammo, they often don't use superperformance powder!

Lots of ammo manufactures dont use "canister grade" powder --- all the more reason to buy in bulk (if there is no store imposed purchase limit) -- you'll just have to put up with others calling you a horder/pepper.

The same info goes for lots of same powder, primers, even bullets for reloading.

So, what this means is guys that shoot 3 round groups will only have 17 rounds max of hunting ammo after zeroing a new lot--- but those guys that swear you have to shoot 10 round groups to know how accurate you are will only have 10 rounds left 😉 😜 🙄
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After several conversation with Hornady, they now have their own ball powders for all three PRC cartridges. It started in 2022 so if you look at the lot numbers you can tell by reading the first three digits, 320 will be year 2020, 321 will be year 2021, 322 will be year 2022, 323 will be year 2023. I found this out when pre2022 6.5prc ammo was shooting 1/2 moa or better in all the rifles I built and then after their switch in powders all the groups went to **** with there mid 322 year powders and newer, But the 300prc and the 7prc ammo shoots great with their new ball powder line.
That was a really informative video, but I’m a little surprised by the amount of variation in velocity of the three lots, and by the ES within each lot. With ES numbers in the 80-90’s, it’s not surprising their POI was all over the paper. I hand-weigh and double check each load during development, but my ES numbers are in the 15-30s, and I’m really not happy over 25.
As mentioned earlier, I reload my ammunition, so I haven't looked into factory loaded specs. However, being mass produced ammunition, it could be possible powder weight, seating depth or combination might possibly cause the ES issues. Just a guess.
The simple truth is that we, as reloaders, cannot buy the same powders the manufacturers use in their factory ammo. Another thing that is certain, if you try to identify a factory powder by sight, you are nearly 100% going to be flat out Wrong! This is especially true of pistol ammo, where most manufacturers use flash suppressed powders that are just not available to the public! Accurate said their powders are "reduced" flash but that is only in certain instances, it is not in all loads. AA9 has as much and the same brite white flash as H110/WW296 with max loads. Others that are as bad are Unique, Win 231, Blue Dot, IMR 2400 and in most cases IMR 4227. Now all that said, I have a load for my 44 Mag that uses the 200 gr Gold Dot (designed for the 44 Spcl) and enough 4227 to get the bullet up to around 1200 fps and it has no visible flash out of a 5.5" Redhawk, even at dusk. I have a similar load for the 357 using the 135 Gold Dots that is the just like the .44 Mag load (1200 fps), no flash. Unfortunately I have had no such luck trying to match Underwood's loading of the Lehigh Xtreme Defender bullets with any powder. Rats! I have tried nearly every powder with the exception of the VV powders which are pretty high priced around here. There is no data to suggest their velocities are any higher than what I can get my hands on now, so I carry factory ammo, have some reloads of the Lehigh bullets available and Gold Dots as back up back ups! Except in 10mm, since Speer decided to just crap all over reloaders everywhere and apparently are no longer making any 10mm bullets other than the 200 gr. Oh well, the XTP's will have to do! Thanks, Speer! (NOT!)

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