What powder does Hornady use in their Precision Hunter ammo?

I disassembled a few of my 300 PRC PH ammo last night, 2 differing lot numbers, and they used different powders. Seems even a large company like Hornady cant get enough of the same powder.
Thank you for posting this. For me, it was a real eye opener.
I never would've believed that they'd use different powders in the same load. I always assumed that was why we couldnt find powder for reloading was because the large manufacturers were getting it all, but I agree that it appears they have the same problem.
The big companies will also get propriety powder that is not available in jug form. They also get it in batches that need to be trued up each batch. Jug powder we get is already mixed so lot to lot inconsistencies are minimized. So in some cases, you could never match their powder.
I don’t mix different powders but as some of you have figured out even same powders of different lots may differ. I had 14# of H1000, simply poured all in to a five gallon bucket, snapped on the lid and rolled it around for a while. (During slightly humid day, out side on concrete drive way, away from the house). Worked well, several different lots, over a two year purchase. Now 14# of one homogeneous lot.

Also used H4350 under the 147gr ELD M and almost matched Hornady’s perfectly to their match Ammo out to 500 yards.
Friend I can't name gave me a case of Hornadys TAP .223 ammo. 55 grain Vmax bullets. Some of the best shooting ammo I've ever seen. I tried for months to duplicate it. I could get the same speed but not the same bug holes.My loads shot great but not as consistent as the TAP. Pulled the bullets and the powder looked like TAC, XBR. Etc. I used power pro varmint to get the best I could, But I don't shoot up the tap unless I'm trying to show out.
I took apart a cartridge of Berger ammo in 223 with the 77 grain OTM bullet. I wanted to duplicate it because it shot unbelievably well in my Tikka 223 Bolt rifle. I could not for the life of me figure out which Vihtavuori powder they used. I got very good groups with what I used but could not duplicate the velocity's they got.