What pack are you using?

Hey guys,

I was wondering what backpack or bug out bag you are using and why? I want something with a rifle scarab/holder for backpacking and hunting in Alaska. Primarily hunting Moose and Bear. How big of a pack are you using and what essentials are you putting in them.
Kelty.... external frame..
Really enjoying my Mystery Ranch-got a Cabinet on the GuideLight frame cheap when they brought out the GuideLight MT.
I added a Pintler bag and switch between bags dependent ion task. When I pack in camp (not often and only 3-4 nights) I pack camp in a 50L dry bag on load shelf. Worked great for early bow season, and I’ll add a Metcalf or Marshall bag to the system when I start doing longer pack-ins.
I do not like scabbard systems and enjoy flexibility for archery seasons.
The MR products are a little heavier, but me and Arizona can be hard enough on fabrics that I’m leery to drop the extra coin on lighter weight fabrics.
I bought 3 different pack frames before finally buying a Kuiu pack. The others were fine under 60lbs and under 3 miles, but got really uncomfortable after that, and gave me some serious bruises. Bought the Kuiu, and its super comfortable and adjustable for your specific shape/ dimensions.

Got the Icon suspension and the Ultra 4000 bag, which is plenty for 4-5 days for me. I pack the meat between the pack and frame.

Few hundred training miles with 60-100lb loads, all super comfortable, even after 6-7 miles at a stretch.

Shot a whitetail last year, and didnt feel like breaking it down... just gutted it and strapped it to the pack, head, hide and all. Weighed it back home at 136lbs.(smaller buck during archery season) Hiking the hills back to the truck wasnt fun for my legs, but the pack handled it no issue.
I've said before and I'll say it again. Eberlestock Dragonfly. On the heavy side but indestructible....
Second that. I probably have 500 days of hunting and have carried over two dozen elk. It shows virtually no signs of wear. And while I haven't tried with more than a couple of packs, I can't imagine how a pack could carry 100+ lbs any more comfortably. The layout is smart and it simply will not fail.
I have an older Mystery Ranch Wolfhound with the nice frame. It is great for heavy loads. Packed two Bulls out in January and it was great. Plenty of room for 3-4 days worth of gear and supplies. You can find them used on here and on Ebay from time to time and save yourself some $$$
Old thread but I figured I would jump on. My vote is Kifaru, I currently run the nomad 2. What I like most about this bag is keeping all the hunting gear in the lid and side bags, loading a camp bag with camp. So nice to pack in, drop the camp bag and go hunt. Kifaru carries a meat load amazingly well. My wife runs a Mystery Ranch and loves it.