What news source do you listen to, mine is Epoch times

If you're actually serious about wanting unbiased news the best US source would be the Associated Press. They're non-profit, have won 56 pulizers for journalism and provide the non-opinion national and international news articles to many local papers
Hmmm could be a toss up between the AP and The View.
OP's question was about sources that "are not propaganda", which I will assume means non-political (right or left). As some have stated, non-political news sources are becoming harder to find. Here's a link to a graph that breaks down right or left biases in several news sources. I like Real Clear Politics, Christian Science Monitor, and Wall Street Journal. But I also tune in to some on both sides of center because I don't think you get any smarter living in an echo chamber.

I'm just glad no one said Fox News, or as Bannon accurately dubed it "News for dumb people" (with the exception of Tucker).
I like Real Americas Voice, otherwise I get my info on what's happening in the world from War Room, Jordan Peterson, Timcast, and a few other podcasts
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Epoch times seems solid. Maybe it's my age, I fully accept all news is biased so don't look for unbiased per se. Mostly just shoot for both sides and look at the quality of the argument. Judging freedom has done a good job on letting both sides speak on the war. Used to listen to a few lefties, but they keep getting red pilled.... Overton window moving so fast progressives from my youth sound more conservative just by staying the same.

Just barely old enough to remember a pro gun pro life democrat, kinda weird to think back to when both parties had diversity of thought.

I think media is going to go the same way as political parties, mainly globalist vs those that believe in nation states. Right vs left seems to be loosing meaning on some level.

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