What meat grinder do you choose to process your game

I’m new to Processing my own meat, so I’d like to ask people that have been doing this for a while now, what are some of the better meat grinders available? What meat grinder do you choose to process your game? And can you make sausages and summer sausages with those meat grinders and not just hamburger?

I also like the bass pro shop meat grinder after owning many others. I also recommend the 1 horse or better/bigger. https://www.basspro.com/shop/en/mea...&pageView:grid&minPrice:&maxPrice:&pageSize:&

Easy to clean, and very fast for large or multiple game animals. comes with all of the needed accessories. much more if needed for other processes.

You want to get a #32 or #42 as they share the same knives and plates as many commercial units so you can get replaceable knives or different plates.
Longer the auger the better, grind as close to frozen as possible and meat and fat will flow though most but let it warm up and you'll plug.
I've ran from 10 HP three phase #52's to #32s cutting 2000+ head a season but at home I run a Cabelas #32, I've ran somewhere a 100 head of elk though it and double that in deer and it's been awesome but I sharpen my blades and plates and maintain it. If you can find an old Hobart or Butcher boy that would be a solid score too.
PS: If you watch and don't need it now you can save lots of money after the hunting season is over because they place them on sale. (We got ours for over $100.00 dollars off in the spring).

You really do not want to make sausage right of the grinder for a couple reasons, they aerate the meat and you don't get a good bite but it'll be like biting into soft hamburger. If you run spices through a grinder the auger separates the spice and fat so your blend isn't as even because it comes out in chunks, if you try to run spices through and grind at the same time it'll ruin your plate and you'll be grinding for ever. FAR better letting a grinder do what it's good at and get a stuffer for the sausage.
There are grinders/mixers which you can stuff right of but they run three plus foot augers that have a long variable helix that keeps the meat flowing without beating it and they run with a foot pedal, awesome for a large production but completely over kill for a home!!
I use a 1.5hp lem with #32 grinding plates. For home use, there’s no reason to go bigger. I would drop below a 1hp.
You can use your grinder to stuff sausage but a sausage stuffer, especially a vertical is well worth the money.
I mix my sausage by hand on a table.
I built a smoker from an old gas well shack I can smoke 200 lbs of sausage comfortably, but can stuff 300lbs in there
So I've gotten 3.5 years and maybe 40 or 50 deer's worth of grind through this thing. I figured for $170 it would be an interesting experiment. It just keeps going and going. No doubt it isn't like my dad's 1HP Cabelas, but it doesn't need to be for my purposes. If you want an affordable little workhorse, this has been a great one for me:

Я использовал Jimbire в течение долгого времени, но со временем он начал меня не устраивать, поэтому я планирую купить новый, который будет работать долгие годы.
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