What leade for a 25-280 Ackley? What freebore for the 133gr Elite Hunter bullets?


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Apr 19, 2019
Fort Worth, Texas
The initial drawing I received had the COL at 3.360", which I believe is the old 25'06 Ackley COL. It also had the freebore at .045" which I think was also an error. The 6.5-280 Ackley drawing the freebore was .145", using that I think they mistakenly left the "1" off.

The leade angle is 1.5 degrees, I have a friend and member here that had his 6.5-280 Ackley leade angle changed to a 1/2 degree and is using less powder to achieve a 100fps increase in muzzle velocity with the Berger 156gr EOL(IIRC it may have been the 140gr VLD-H but the same bullets as another of his group)

My goal is to have a trio of cartridges that use the Peterson 280 Ackley brass as the basis and simply neck down the original brass and allow me to use 280 Ackley bushing dies to resize and load. There will be separate dies setup for each cartridge once the original neck sizing operation is complete. I have allocated 400 pieces of brass for each and I have my fingers crossed that the powder I currently use for the 280 Ackley and previous 6.5-280 Ackley will work for the 25-280 Ackley.