What is your recoil threshold poll?

What is your recoil threshold?

  • <15 ft lbs - please don't hurt me

    Votes: 12 4.0%
  • >15 <20 ft lbs - man bun worthy

    Votes: 27 9.0%
  • >20 <25 ft lbs - medium rare

    Votes: 72 23.9%
  • >25 <30 ft lbs - flexing in mirror

    Votes: 50 16.6%
  • >30 ft lbs - rare and slightly moving OK

    Votes: 140 46.5%

  • Total voters
well gotta keep Dodge in business. Without the Cummins no one would buy a Dodge 😉

Some years back when Cummins contract ran out with Dodge they were going to go with a Mercedes diesel. Ford was going to dump the International engine. I don't know what happened but Ford built their own 6.7 Power stroke and it's pretty bullet proof. I drove a T35 bucket truck with a 6.7 in a F450. It was heavy. That engine has some power. I most of the time drove a big T40 with a Cummins . Real big and heavy . Not a lot of power but it got it done.
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So you probably would not like my 1974 Power Wagon. It's like climbing on top of a logging truck and riding it out of the mountains. It has it's own recoil. But not against your shoulder.
I actually almost bought one to cut firewood with. Flatbed 4x4 4sp with 318. My buddy got it for $500, I should of bought it from him. I love the hood!
So all I read is how much recoil affects a lot of shooters so wondering what is your threshold? Is the recoil from poor shooter form? Lightweight rifles? Heavy bullet? Big bore cartridges? Or even smaller stature of shooter? Don't like needles?

I am hoping to beat the hate the cartridge thread number of pages...,,,
Apparently 47lbs. Unbraked .338 Lapua improved. 15 shots wasn't real fun with 104 grains of powder and 300 Berger's. Recoil pad is a very good one for reducing recoil but the brake takes it to roughly a 308 with 180s. I'd say probably with 250 grain bullets ran thru the 338 Lapua improved would be my max before misery. 300 PRC with 225s probably more realistically the max but could shoot it quite a bit and still enjoy it. Brakes are always the way to go unless a suppressor could replace it.