What is your recoil threshold poll?

What is your recoil threshold?

  • <15 ft lbs - please don't hurt me

    Votes: 12 4.0%
  • >15 <20 ft lbs - man bun worthy

    Votes: 27 8.9%
  • >20 <25 ft lbs - medium rare

    Votes: 73 24.2%
  • >25 <30 ft lbs - flexing in mirror

    Votes: 50 16.6%
  • >30 ft lbs - rare and slightly moving OK

    Votes: 140 46.4%

  • Total voters
Yeah Bob this post made me rethink my next rifle cartridge. It's narrowed to 300 WM or 7mm RM. I figure a brake on either one. But the trend seems to be less recoil as we get older is more tolerable I think the 7mm RM is the smarter choice.
The 300 WM is where I start to dislike the recoil. I can still shoot these, but for what I can do with a 7RM (braked or not) in hunting just displaces the need for heavy 30's on anything I hunt. And all these 30 and up mag cartridges need a lot of powder. So in my own mind, these are essentially inefficient based on the 7RM performance. I can bag critters without all of the negatives of recoil and extra powder.
Shot sporter weight larger powder burners no brake for decades. I busted my right collarbone in half two years ago, and shot a 300WM too early and re-broke it. Now I have twice the plates in it and I think I'm good to go. Only real big bore was a Ruger #1 in 458WM, and it was very tolerable for me. I have a 9Lb 338 Edge to shoot with full loads yets, so far tolerable with mid range break in loads. I started using brakes about 10 years ago when I decided I wanted to kill a deer and elk at 1000yds as they help a lot with my long range precision.
30/06 Non braked is my limit...period.

7 STW, 11.5 lb with brake, 140g at 3650 is also my limit.

In my life, I have found that animals are not hard to kill, just place your shot or do not pull the trigger.
What is your powder charge/barrel length? My STW I can only get 3300/160gr and 3600/120gr from a 26" barrel loaded +P. I am very intrigued on how I may be able to go faster.
I’m 5’11” and 185. I find 300WM uncomfortable to shoot without a break. I’ve shot my friends a few times over the years and I’m reminded each time why I don’t own any 30 calibers. I’m a 7 mag and down guy. I’ve shot up to moose and never had any issues on game.

If I were targeting a grizzly bear I might buy a 30 cal rifle for more punch.
I chambered a semi-custom rifle in 30Nosler and didn't thread the muzzle for a brake. It's a "hunting" rifle and I hate brakes on my hunting rifles. It's pleasant enough to shoot but shooting prone makes the scope brush my eyebrow. If that isn't a warning sign, I don't know what is. LOL

I brought the rifle to my smith and had him install a PK Brake that I had sitting around from another project. I must admit, even shooting from the bench is now a lot more pleasant.
I’m not a hard**s by no means but I like some recoil. Got a 300 rum for Christmas at 17 and got used to it. I will say when behind a new to me gun the first shot can b yippy. Once I know what I’m in for sign me up 😁. Now to sound like a politician I say all that to say this. Last rifle built was a 16# 6 dasher. Last few months that’s the only one I’ve shot and really enjoy it. Does not move. Will have 338 edge in a few weeks so will get some kick back👍
Like most, my recoil tolerance was pretty good. In my late twenties I traded my 270 for a 264.WM, recoil was similar between the two. Then I picked up a 300Wm, noticable difference. When Remington announced the ultra Mag. The first 300RUM I found I bought it. WOW that kick reminded me of my grandfather's
375H&H. And I only shot that H&H twice,
that was enough for me. Shot a box of shells through the 300RUM and took it to a gunsmith, this was the first gun I had a brake put on. Back then most brakes weren't very effective but it was similar to my 300Wm with 200gr partitions. It wasn't till the last 10 years, I started putting brakes on everything. I'm only 62,
But as they say play smarter not harder.


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