What is your recoil threshold poll?

What is your recoil threshold?

  • <15 ft lbs - please don't hurt me

    Votes: 12 4.0%
  • >15 <20 ft lbs - man bun worthy

    Votes: 27 8.9%
  • >20 <25 ft lbs - medium rare

    Votes: 73 24.2%
  • >25 <30 ft lbs - flexing in mirror

    Votes: 50 16.6%
  • >30 ft lbs - rare and slightly moving OK

    Votes: 140 46.4%

  • Total voters
My 300 RUM is a REM 700 SPS stainless, bare, it weighs 7 1/4 lbs…. with scope, ZeroTech 3-18 x 50, brings it out to just over 9 lbs. I have no issue shooting that off the bench all day long. My last session with it I shot 3 boxes of Barnes 180g TTSX‘s and 2 boxes of Barnes 165g TTSX’s just running the barrel in. Wasn’t even sore the following day shooting 3 different 300WM rifles working out seating depth.

Back in the 80's, I remember borrowing my brother's H&R single 12ga in full choke and with a hard plastic butt plate, and because of it's light weight, I thought I might use it on a casual walking/stalking afternoon deer hunt. So, I had a box of 3" Mags in copper plated 4B shot, and went out and sit on a little dirt mound in the back yard to test the pattern and POI. When I pulled the trigger, unexpectedly, the next thing I saw was blue sky and white clouds as I lay on my back behind the mound. My brother laughing is backside off of course.
That happened to me when I was 12 and fired my fathers shotgun. A break action made in Brazil thing, steel plate, maybe 6 pounds. Only 2.75” shells but they were lead #2 shot goose loads from the 70s, brass halfway the length of the dang shell…those old high brass lead loads thumped!!!
I was handicapped a little…..I didn’t even start racing until my 20’s and was married, with a very, very small riding/ racing budget! memtb
I started when I was about 20 also. Should of started as a little kid but didn't have interest in racing until I was around 18. Was riding dirt bikes at around 14 I think. I had to buy all my bikes , cars and trucks myself which taught me how to work for things. My first job I was 15. Worked until I was 64. Now I can get my body repaired on Medicare w/ Supplemental insurance 😉 The 76K bill for knee replacement I paid nada except $226.00 deductible on Supplemental. 👍🏼
I go into the big bores with the mindset you know your going to take some abuse. To me they start kicking @ 375 H& H. I’m not small, 6’0 240lb 55 yr old farm boy construction guy. The 416 Weatherby will hit you, so will my 378, 458 Lott, 444 Marlin & 405 Winchester, & I like muzzle brakes. For hunting I put on muzzle protectors, even on my braked 270’s or 06’. After 40 rounds of big bore,it’s time to give the shoulder a break lol one can only take so many punches. If I use my shooting pad I can take more abuse 🤯🤯😂When shooting at a critter one doesn’t feel the hit
I chambered a semi-custom rifle in 30Nosler and didn't thread the muzzle for a brake. It's a "hunting" rifle and I hate brakes on my hunting rifles. It's pleasant enough to shoot but shooting prone makes the scope brush my eyebrow. If that isn't a warning sign, I don't know what is. LOL

I brought the rifle to my smith and had him install a PK Brake that I had sitting around from another project. I must admit, even shooting from the bench is now a lot more pleasant.
Put a thread protector on for hunting 😀
I grew up shooting slugs off bench so I was "calibrated" to heavy recoil. But I will say the worse rifle for recoil I ever shot was an Encore rifle 24" Pro Hunter contour barrel in 500 S&W! That rifle killed 3 scopes, base and had to go to 4 ring set up.! It was crazy how accurate it was but the recoil velocity was like rattler strike so fast! Imagine a 7.5 lb rifle with 325 Barnes at 2100 fps! Long eye relief 4" or ER.
Encore 405 Win 300 gr @ 2400, 2 shots bruised shoulder, flex tech stock help ALOT. I’m 6’0 240lb farm built
My 505 Gibbs in a 9lb rifle was my threshold with 600gr Woodleigh PP at 2350 fps…was able to reach 2500 fps with that bullet, but 150+ft/lbs of recoil was a one shot proposition that I did not repeat. I also stupidly fired a shot with the 1lb recoil inertia damper removed…never again!
I handle my other big bores without issue and often laugh when asked how bad do I find the 458 Lott, 416 Rigby, 338-416 Rigby Improved, 500 Niro 3 1/4” or 450 Rigby….none are like a 505 Gibbs!

mercury reducers work pretty darn 👍 my 416 Weatherby is no slouch lol but I’ll pass on. The Gibbs, like Mike Tyson hitting you lol or George Frazier
I have a 10gauge side by side shotgun that weighs in at 9 pounds. With 3 1/2 magnum #4 goose loads that's all the recoil that I care to experience. Although I had a Marlin .444 that kicked me into selling it.
I. Put a mercury recoil reducer in my 444 Marlin, 300’s @ 2200 were mean