What is your most consistently accurate caliber?


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Apr 5, 2008
Central ND
I am curious on what your consistent groups are with some of the favorite calibers you shoot. Ex. I have a 260 that has shot .146" five shot group at 100yds. but it isn't a consistent .1" rifle more like .3-.4" rifle. My 6mmDasher however is a consistent .1 rifle. 105 berger hybrids with 33.2grs of RL15 igniting it with a 450 primer.

My 260 is built for 140's but I chose 130s because of a theory I was taught by a successful shooter. Your bullet weight to powder charge along with the velocity is directly correlates to agge. accuracy.

The bench rest matches I have been to they load at the table the load changes as the day goes on. The target and temp tells them what to do on the 100 and 200 yard matches I seen. They use tight necks just knock the primer out dump the powder in and seat the bullet. May change COL or powder if conditions changes call for it. 6mm PPC is all they used at 100-200,

well we're talking regular rifles with regular chambers and standard cartridges I guess. That for me would be a .222 remington without hesitation. I've yet to ever see one that wasn't sub half inch at 100 yards. (five shots)
The 222 held the Bench Rest record at one time,


there are still a small handfull of folks using them in benchrest even today. I think it's very close to a 22PPC with the edge being to the PPC. The PPC will handle heavier bullets better if that matters much. Kinda like to try a .222 improved with a .244 neck and 30 degree shoulder someday before I finally croak.
Thanks for the input, I have been away doing a little hunting in southern regions. I brought home a book Sika buck, several does, and a Bull Elk.

The 6PPC, 222, and 22lr are they using roughly a 1/3 the amount of powder to the size bullet? I am after other calibers that are close to max capacity and have a ratio of 3times the bullet weight to 1times the powder charge. Granted you also have to be in the velocity ballpark.

It would have taken me years to gain the experience I learned from my friends over the course of the summer shooting benchrest with them. Some of there quotes are below.

Most accurate for what they were engineered for would be a toss up between my 17hm2 and 17hmr for shorter ranges.
For longer ranges out to 400yds my Savage 7mm rem mag. Past 400yds would require a different trigger puller behind the scope.
Thanks for the info. My curiousity is this: A friend just came home from St. Louis with the 2gun nat'l title in 600yd. benchrest(not the first time to win it). When looking through his targets from the match for both heavy and light the agge. was amazing to me. He maintained a sub 1/2moa agge. throughout the match with one rifle in two weight classes. The agge. was in multiple days and for almost 90 rounds for score.

I am looking to build a larger caliber hunting rifle and want it as accurate as my 6dasher only in a larger caliber.

For my favorite sport, long range deer, antelope , and coyote hunting, the most accurate cartridge I have used out to 1000 yards would have to be the 6.5x284. The rifle that impresses me most is an original Remington 1903 A3 made in 1944. i have owned it for many years, bone stock with original trigger and a peep sight, Shoots a little over an inch at 200 yards, 5 shots, with a Hornady Spire Point 150 gr bullet and 52 gr.of IMR 4350. I have a warm spot for this rifle and it would definitely be the last to go. Makes me sometimes wonder about all the time and money I have spent on playing with bedding, barrels, triggers, etc.