What is your favorite make of brass you reload and why?


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Jun 14, 2016
Peterson is my favorite. It comes in a dividend ammo box, padded with foam. Lapua is more expensive and comes loose where it can get dinged up. Other than that, they both last about the same.

My top 6.
1. Peterson - Best price for the performance.
2. Lapua
3. Norma
4. Lake City
5. Winchester - Cheap, but performs well if you cull and prep.
6. Starline - My favorite brass for pistols, semiautos and most my rifles that I'm not shooting over 200 yards.

John Klingenberg

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Nov 13, 2018
Have to be #1 Lapua, #2 Norma, #3 ADG I just recently started trying out. The Lapua in my 6br is unquestionably the most consistent in every way...weight, dimensions, case volume. I get an ES of 4fps with that combination. Norma is on par with that but a little harder to get in my calibers. The ADG has been very consistent in my 224V as well and availability is good. It does have a slightly wider case weight variation but only by tenths of grains.


Jan 8, 2014
Lapua is hands down the best I've used so far. They are so much closer when weight sorted and not all those real heavy or light rounds that I never really know what to do with :( With norma I'm beginning to get a defect or two in every 100 batch. Split necks, and nasty casting defects in some. They vary by 6gr's or even a little more when totally weight sorted. ADG and Alpha don't make brass for most of my cartridges so I don't start down that road. I tried to get Peterson select and both kinds was out of stock, I just wait for a sale at Graf or Midway and stock up on Lapua. They cover 22-250, 260, 7mm-08, and 308 so an easy weight sort and all my bases are covered. Lapua primer pockets way outlast winchester or norma brass, seems to be harder. Starline is pretty good for the price, my son has been using and it seems decent and holds up pretty good.

Strange I guess but I like the beveled inside my flash hole reamer does so I do every type of brass I use or try. Do all the first time and figure they are all uniform with the primer flame spreading more at the bottom of charge. Maybe just habit but I do it.
I use Lapua and Norma brass (for calibers Lapua doesn't make) for all my rifle reloads. Both are high quality and long-lasting.

The only glitch I've encountered was with a batch of 100 Norma .300 Weatherby Mag cases. One of them had the shoulder and neck of another case INSIDE it. I couldn't figure out a way to remove it and MidwayUSA wouldn't replace it so one of my 20-round boxes of Wby ammo has only 19 rounds in it.


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Feb 20, 2019
Believe it or not, a few years ago I picked up a bunch of PMC range brass that somebody left there (I still can’t believe the stuff people leave laying around). I put this stuff through 12-14 cycles with a 42 grain charge of Varget in my .308 before the incipient failure line developed and I chucked them. Always full length resized them and I don’t anneal so I don’t know? Maybe lucky I guess. Gun consistently shot .5 MOA. Maybe another attribute of the .308 is that it’s easy on brass?



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Dec 4, 2007
Ontario, Canada
When I loaded .338LM, Lapua was the only brass I used. Hornady was the worst when I did try it.

My Rem 700 in .308 did not do well with Lapua brass but did extremely well with Norma. I used to like Federal until it became too soft and the primer pockets opened up either upon firing factory match or on the first or second reloading.

My PGWDTI Coyote likes Norma and I haven't tried Lapua yet.


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Feb 26, 2012
NW Indiana
Starline, I do a lot of prep work but it holds up and it is possible to get good results. I also use Lapua, because everybody says it is "the Best", but I do not see it as appreciably better than Starline. Peterson is nice, especially after the first firing. Winchester works well when forming cases for my 358 Hoosier (wildcat), Hornady not so much. Like many people here, I have used almost all brands of Brass, at one time or another, in one caliber or another, and I just like Starline.


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Sep 11, 2012
First, I like brass if it lets me shoot. And especially if I can use my standard loads.

Secondly, I've had many experiences that are different from those on this forum.

For example, I had one batch of Norma in 416 Rigby. 59 cases were 327-330 grains and 41 were 337-340 grains. Go figure.

Then I had a bunch of 338WinMag Nosler brass and a bunch of them started showing up with split necks.
Go figure.

And, I've used Hornady with happy results.
First, they keep 416 Rigby in stock.
Secondly, they do 375 Ruger.
So thirdly, I've been using them for 270Win and 338WinMag, too, with only good to say.

Finally, I'm happy with Lapua. I've got some in 308win. But I don't see much difference, YET, between them and Starline, except price.

So give me any decent brass and I'll go hunting.