What is you longest kill with the 308win?

I popped my elk at 230yds, I know its not super long, but it dropped where it stood. I also drilled a jackrabbit in the Pawnee grasslands of CO @ 630yds one shot, one kill. plus lots o prairie poodles at 3-500yds.
the longest kill were watermelons @ 1600yds. Bang! wait for it... wait for it... wack! HAHA! what fun!
Ghallager has nothin on bustin watermelons!
Well if opinions count this is mine. The 308 is a puny little under-powered pea shooter........but it is the best puny little pea shooter there ever was! I have many rifles of large caliber, but will most often choose my 308 win with a 150gr. TSX at 3050fps out to 500ish. I love to kill elk, help kill elk, and get paid to provide a guide service to kill elk. If I have my pick of sports at the lodge, or eager elk hunting friends, I will take the guy shooting the 270, 30-06, or 308 over an in shape super trooper who packs some magnum any day. To me Shot placement beats horsepower any day of the season. I have seen so many first time hunters make some amazing shots-kills with what "todays standards" say are underpowered rifles.
In the last couple years, is their anyone out there who can add to this post? I use to think that my 308 was a practice only caliber, but now I'm thinking it may just work for some of my hunting.
150gr nosler BT 550 yds Aoudad in Big Bend Area
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Longest kill to date with my beloved .308 was a groundhog at 568 yards, it's actually in Kevin Kram's extended impact DVD. I shot the 208gr A-max at 2642fps from my Walker custom rifles .308, and yes it actually did go that fast, this was Winchester brass, RL17, and chamber specially throated, since it was good enough to set an f-class national record for me, I'd say it worked!!

Also missed a whitetail doe at 764 this year by about 4" high (from
poa), windage right on, because I forgot to adjust for downhill angle... Shoot to distance was around 745... Took the hair off her back... That was with a 190 Berger VLD at 2859fps in lapua brass, also with RL17. Should have stuck to weight sorted Winchester brass, as it held up better to there hot loads than the lapua did (win has more capacity).

Barrel is toast however so it's on my wall and a fresh one is being put on as I post this. I may just have to take it out hunting for old times sake after all...
Put my buddy on a antelope doe at 450 something, 165grn GameKing IIRC, one shot to the boiler room, took 3-4 steps & flopped.

Not bad for the ole' winny!
the very longest shot and kill was at 30ft. just inside of the swamp. I was walking the edge of an open field and just inside was a nice buck and he died of lead poisoning. this was about 15 years ago.
My old 308 has my longest range shot to date....810 on a groundhog.

My nephew killed a whitetail doe with that old 308 at 240yards.
Not my longest but one that I enjoyed most.
360yd atlas joint shot on a Sika hind. Only the head was visible,
uphill drizzly conditions. 155 A-max.
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