what is this 7mm called ?


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May 21, 2008
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The 300 Dakota case holds at least 7grs more powder to the shoulder neck junction than the 7 Dakota. That seems fairly significant !! The 7 Dakota will be lucky to get 3050 w/ 180s let alone the 195s. The 284 STAK or 7mm 300 Dakota IMP will probably get 3000 plus fps w/ the 195s if there ever is a 195.

Berger was telling folks at the SHOT show, that they were going to change everything to the Hybrid shape and have a hunting and target version only. That will push the 195s further on to the back burner!!--- RHB

According to AmmoGuide, the 7 Dakota has 90.7 gr of H2O capacity and the 300 Dakota has 94.8. That is to the top of the neck and the 300 has slightly more neck capacity than the 7. The only difference in usable case volume dimensions is the shoulder length. The 300 is only .110" longer than the 7. That does not add up to 7 gr of powder. 4 at the most and maybe closer to 3. I've got some 300 Dakota cases here and I could borrow a 7 case if needed.

I think converting everything to the Hybrid is a great idea. Overall they are easier to load for and have better BC's. Too bad on the impact of development for new bullets though, but worth in the long run IMO.