What features does a guy need in his weather station?


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Aug 30, 2009
Which ones of these do you need?

Wind Speed
Wind Direction
Heat Stress Index
Compass Heading
Wet Bulb Temperature
Relative Humidity
Volume Air Flow (CFM)
Barometric Pressure
Humidity Ratio (Grains)
Density Altitude
Evaporation Rate
Delta T
Wind Chill
Absolute Pressure
Do you need to store or log data?

Do you want to chart data?

Do you need to upload to a computer?

Do you need a backlit display?

There is a thread in FAQs on the subject. About 90% depends upon you and how far you going to shoot with what rifle and how little or much sense you have. Obviously trying to claim you have a lot of good sense won't wash being as here you are on this forum.

Under a thousand yards the three chief things you need to know are wind speed, temperature and altitude. Of those three, I can usually figure out if it is hot or cold and do not need a thermometer to tell me that. Unless I am lost I usually know how high I am unless I have been partaking of controlled substances in which case I might be pretty high and not realize it. So that leaves wind as the variable that I need the most.
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