What Do You Use to STEADY The REAR of the Rifle?

I posted here about that "Muley Pod" thing quite a while ago but nobody seemed to have much experience with it. I carried around a sock full of rice last year but with my "high" bi-pod it needed to be rather large. It was sort of a PITA to carry and a PITA to use.

Unless I hear some good reasons why I shouldn't, I think I'm going to try the Muley Pod this year.
I use a "sand sock" filled with plastic hobby beads, it weighs about 1 to 1.5 pounds

I start with a ladies knee high nylon and pour in a bag of beads then tie off the nylon, pull the nylon tight to increase the firmness of the sand sock as the user desires. I then stuff the filled knee high into a man's sock (olive drab boot sock) and tie it off, then I attach a short lanyard. When in the field I have a caribiner on my gear and attach the sand sock to my gear in that fashion. I have seen shooters attach the sand sock to their shoulder strap and when they get into shooting position the sock is very near the correct position as attached to the web gear.

I'm sorry guys I shoulda made a post in equipment reviews part..

I purchased the Muley Pod in Feb. and since then I have killed lotsa stuff with it on my rifle..

Hmm lets see... I can remmeber one day I killed at least 10 sandstone rocks at over 1K with it.. tracked awesome!!

then I killed several more another day.. 'bout the size of a volleyball at 500 to over 1K.. again worked awesome...

This is a neat setup... I have the small black tactical Muley Pod. I works very well with the Harris 9-13" bi-pod.

I met the owner of the Muley Pod Pattent and he's just a normal westerner that had a great Idea. Real genuin guy and a pleasure to talk to. I WISH I HAD THE IDEA FIRST!

My only complaint is that when attatched to your sling the screw mechanizm tends to unscrew after walking several miles.. but no big deal... I'll find a solution to that.

very very precise vertical adjustments and rock solid on any terrain... weighs less that a sand sock or small sand bag like I used to carry and stays on the rifle so that means there is more room in my pack for some other gadget I necessarily don't need!!
In the field I have used what ever is available, Backback, hand, coat, BIG rock when shooting off a cliff.
I have been checking out the muley pod and the mono pod. Also SR90 has a pod on his PGW rifle that is nice I just don't know who makes them.

OK S1 come clean
what do you have up your sleave? Send me one! You must have some gadget made up that works!

I thought I would add that my long shots on game are well under 1K but steadly getting closer/longer. Last year I carried all the new toys to a good vantage point and sat and waited and waited. About 1:00 I was going to walk back to the cabin and have some lunch. I heard a squick/cherp, droped the backback and things down and slipped into the quakies to make the unranged 60-80Ft shot. To kill last years 5 pt. elk. One year my hunting partner sat on my legs as I hung over a cliff shooting straight down! (wish I would of had the NP-R2 that year) There is no one answer for hunting shots, game is game from uphill to straight down to 10 ft away. I just do the best I can at the time and feel good about the shot or change position!


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Big Sky...

By swivel do you mean tilt left and right or do you mean "pan" left and right maybe in a 40* arc...??

I have the Harris swivel (tilt) model. I keep the "tilt" kinda stiff.. I havn't had a problem so I am not sure what they mean... Maybe the trick is to keep a pretty stiff tension on the "tilt"
Maybe I should ask the sandstones I reduced to powder at 1100 yards if it works...
My wife makes them for friends and guys I work with. She said if you want one, just send a check for $24.00 to A.R. Tactical, LLC, and she will send one your way.
WyoWhisper I thought the typing "Harris" implied that it was tilt as I don't believe they make a model that pans (although I wish they would.) I keep mine adjusted pretty tight as well. Go to Muleypods website and look at question #4 and you will see why I asked and that I'm not up in the night. http://www.muleyenterprises.com/faq.shtml

S1 if your wife is serious I'll take her up on the offer. It's a whole lot cheaper than a Muley pod and appears a little more versatile. Just out of curiosity she wouldn't want to swap a wildlife print for one would she? Here's my website if you or her would like to see what level of quality my artwork is. I guess the only reason I ask is my prints generally run $20.00 to $25.00 plus $5.00 shipping. So the price is pretty darn close. If not interested cash is fine. http://www.thehunterslife.com/ADAMSART.htm

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Big Sky,

Just got back from the range, those pics and prints are really great, I will ask my wife to pick one out tommorow, won't tell her why till she finds one she really likes!
S1 where and how does one get a hold of that nifty little solution of yours?

WyoWhisper, how well does that Muleypod work with a Harris bipod that swivels? It says on their website (Muley Pods) not to use with bi-pods that swivel. I guess I don't understand that and that is the reason I never bought one.
S1 Terrific! I just need to let you know though, that not everything that is displayed on the site is available as a print. However any that are your wife or you are more than welcome too. Most of the black and white mule deer, whitetail deer, antelope, moose, and bear are availble.

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