What do shooters mean by 'clicks'?

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    May 3, 2001
    What do shooters mean by \'clicks\'?

    I don't often use the term 'clicks' because of some ambiguity but here's what's meant.

    Many (NOT ALL) scopes used for long range and target shooting have adjustment mechanisms that have an audible 'click' when moved (turned). These scopes most frequently have internally calibrated systems than move the 'crosshairs' .25 Minutes Of Angle (MOA) for each 'click' that's heard or felt during the adjustment.

    When a shooter says he adjusted 12 'clicks' for the shot, he most probably meant that he adjusted the scope 12 of these .25 MOA adjustments, or 3 full MOA of adjustment.

    The little problem is that some scopes are .125 MOA 'clicks' and some are 1.0 MOA 'clicks' so these folks don't say 'clicks' with the same meaning.

    The more universal term is to say how many MOA of adjustment is needed for the entire movement procedure and let the scope owner convert to the correct number of 'clicks' for the particular scope.