What can you tell me about Super Sniper Scopes?


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Feb 8, 2009
I bought me a new scope today. I have three rifles that I do not have scopes on and found a decent deal on a Ziess Conquest last night online. I went to buy it today and the salesman tried to sell me a Super Sniper instead. I did look through the Super Sniper scope and it was real clear but I just do not know enough about them to spend $600+ for one.

So my question is has anyone ever used one and if so what do you think of them? Are they good quality scopes?

If it is fixed power Super Sniper like a 10x they should be about a $300 scopes.

I’m not a fan of them and I have used them in the past. For a $300 scope they are a good buy but not a scope that is well made. Their glass is OK and the turrets are mushy. I would save the money and get a better scope.

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My friend lent me one of the 10X super snipers until I could afford one. I really liked it. I think they are mentioned in Ian's corner in an article about low priced long range scopes. I would like to try out there new variable power model.

There are 10x, 16x, and 20x versions that are the lower level SS, then there is a new HD model with very good glass that is much more expensive, plus a 3-9 model with HD glass. They all track well and in general have pretty good reviews. Snipershide has lots more info on the new HD models, they beat up on the Mark 4 in clarity and such, for less $$$.
I cannot say anything about the image on a SS HD.

I will take reliability over a slightly better or even a 100% better image quality. As long as I can ID the target and the scope will track precisely. I what to have a rifle scope on my rifle not a rifle scope that will turn into a spotting scope.

Mike @ CS TACTICAL.com
CS Gunworks is now CS TACTICAL.com
The turret adjustments can be de-greased, and then become much more crisp.. Not bad at all for $300 or so...

I've seen some mighty fine scores, NRA High-Master level, shot with Super Sniper scopes.
Great scopes for the $$, they will take a serious beating and track perfectly every time so not much else to say other than the glass is good too. I had the 10x a couple years back and wished I would have kept it. I may try the new 3-9x variable for $600.00. I need something to throw on the 700 I use for closer to mid-range encounters with bear/deer in PA.
I agree with all that is said above.

I know nothing about the HD model. But a SS for the same price as a Conquest, nah - just wouldn't do it.

The only downer with the SS is that they are useless in low light conditions. The 40mm objective is too small and in the high country even at mid day when a side of a mountain is shaded it just didn't cut the mustard. For bright light shooting, matches etc, its top notch.

Here, we have the 10X which is better on light but suffers for distance. The 16X suffered with light transmission but was great for LRH when bright. The 16X was replaced with a Conquest 5.5-20 X 50 and there are no regrets.
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I'd take Mike's comments with a grain of salt as he is a competing dealer. He's done the same thing on countless threads over at ar15.com and snipershide.com and usually gets slammed for it.

In regards to the new 3-9x42 and 10x42 HD, listen to the people that have actually used one or even seen one. These are totally different animals compared to the other SS scopes. Different factory, different glass, coatings, etc. They share no common parts with the $300. fixed powers.

This guy knows a little about scopes.

The Optics Talk Forums - New SWFA SS 3-9x42 FFP and 10x42 HD - Page 1

Video Review - SWFA Super Snipers - Sniper's Hide Forums
Super sniper rifle scopes are just about the toughest fixed power scopes in their price range. they track true and repeatable. They will pass the box test over and again. they come in 10x, 16x, 20x, 3x-9x, and 10xHD. The 10xHD is far and away their best product. You won't find better glass than the 10xHD for less than 1000.00. I don't know about the other brand you were asking about. What I do know is that if a fixed power scope will fit your needs, you can't go wrong with a super sniper. Especially if you get the 10x with the HD glass.

If you want a better scope than a super sniper you will have to spend more money!!!
Guys, the new 3-9 and 10X HD have nothing other than name in common with the older cheap fixed power scopes. I had no interest in those scopes but have picked up a 3-9 for the "little rifle:"


I'm quite impressed with it so far. Of course most here want higher powers for long range--the 3-9 fits more in the "all around but long range capable" role. But for anybody considering say, a 3.5-10X Mk IV or 2.5-10X NF you'd be crazy not to consider the SS for the value it offers. I don't have any experience with the NF, but I can tell you you'd have to be nuts to pay nearly 3 times as much for the Leupold when I feel the SS is better in most ways.

Just my opinion....
I hope they come out with a higher powered scope with side focus and good glass. It could compete with Sightron for the mid range awesome scope niche.
Nice looking rig there Jon A.
Those rings look really low. What are they? Are they as low as they look?

I just got the SS 10x HD.

If anyone is worried that the internals won't compare to a Leupold, you needn't.
Glass is pretty nice too.

From what I've read from a respected source after using them side by side, a 'issue' Leupy comes up short.
Tough to beat the 3-9 when it is ffp and it is mil/mil. for 600 dollars. Was looking at the mark4 but after everything i have read and looked through the ss is going to be the purchase now i have 600 dollars more to spend on ammo.
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