What can I do with a 300 ultra


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Mar 16, 2003
Gainesville, FL
I just got a 300 ultra mag in SS and also began reloading, only have reloaded about 20 rounds but was wondering what my capabilities are with this gun. Whats the biggest thing I can effectivly kill and what is the optimum load I can make, I have RL25.

depends on your loads, you accuracy etc.

I like to keep things simple. 1000 ft. lbs for deer 2000 ft lbs. for Elk....
You would need to work up loads and chrony them.

You could kill a grizzley bear with it... but not if you hit it in the foot....
There is nothing that eats grass that you can't kill, if you get the bullet into the boiler room. With 165/180gr SST or 190gr MK, you pretty much have a 1000yd rifle, if it and you can hit what you are aiming at.

With a longer barrel and 240gr MK, 2800yds (ask DC about that) has already been reached on elk.

On dangerous game, it is up to your grey matter to decide what is sensible. The cartridge with appropriate bullets is certainly up to it at dangerous game distances. Don't go lobbing MK at grizzly bears. Wounding these is just bad news.

The question is what do you want to do with this rig and what type of supporting equipment do you have, or are willing to buy.

Read the other posts on the RUM and Tomahawk. Pretty much answers any and all questions on this subject.

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