What bullets for 1000 yards


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Aug 13, 2012
The Republic of Texas

If you have the twist to run it the 180 hunter vld or hybrid is really the sweet spot imo.

Some will say the 195 due to its increased bc but it comes at a velocity loss where the increased bc may not make a difference inside of 1k.

I assume you're talking about a 7 rem mag. If so I did some simple balastics and at sea level you'll fall below 1800 fps around 900 yards with 168 and 180 bergers. If this is elk medicine and estimating 8000 asl, you'll get to 1000 yards easily with 168 or 180 bergers.

Others will do it as well but imo these are two of the most slippery bullets when it comes to retained velocity and wind drift down range.

Most bullet manufacturers claim reliable expansion down to 1800 fps. I use 2k as a margin of additional reliability.

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