What are you shooting?

My rigs are used for varmint hunting and big game--

1) Bob "Lizard" Waltzer built- .17 Mach IV XP-100/4-12x Bushnell Banner for now.

2) Chunk Youngblood (Moliballistics) 20 BR XP-100 R/3-9X Pride Fowler PFI Rapid Reticle.

3) Kreg Slack built 243 WSSM Striker/4.5-14X Leup. VX-III/VH reticle.

4) Moliballistics 6.5 WSM XP-100/8.5-25X Leup. Mk 4/TMR reticle.

5) APS built 7-270 WSM/3-12X Burris/BP reticle.
TC Contender 35 Remington for hogs


44 Mag Desert Eagle for everything else

Im shooting the Encore in 15" in 300 H&H. The 375jdj cant come close to this hand cannon. I bought it with the thought of scaring the heck outta the guys at the indoor range and guess what? It worked, first shot no scope or sights yet, just grin and bear it and the guy next to me almost dropped his rifle. The guys from the range stopped me from shooting it because the barrel wasnt clearing the partition and the blast was deafening everyone. It was a great day.
Course I really bought it for Elk in Colorado, but havent got to try it yet, just shot it locally and it defintly goes bang!
well lets see:
223 HS Precision 2000P
22-250 HS Precision 2000P
260 Rem HS Precision 2000P
7mm-08 HS precision 2000P
284 Win HS Precision 2000P
(2) 308 Win HS Precision 2000P
300 WSM HS Precision 2000P

ruger MKII target 22 cal
Ruger 45 LC
soon to have three more LRP's (surprise)
will post when they get here.
nmhunter /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif
TC Pro Hunter 243 win shot a nice whitetail doe with it last nov. real long range about 60 feet i think /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/crazy.gif /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/crazy.gif DB
I wish I owned them , it would save me a buck or two , I just like their handguns. They all shoot exceptionally well.
hshunter /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif
the only hand gun hunting I have done was with a 357 on ground squirles. A 243 encore on ground squirles and a 50AE desert eagle on a bear and a skunk. both dropped like a ton of bricks at the hit.
Well here she is. A tad vintage, not as pretty as she once was with lots of battle scars. But she has killed her fair share of deer over the last 20 years and still doing the job, one shot at a time. A MK40 in 25 br.
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Can you do stocks for the wichita pistols (ie mk40 and sil pistol)?

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