What about firing pin and spring upgrades?


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Feb 26, 2003
Is it worth it to get an aftermarket firing pin and spring for a Remington 700 action to reduce lock time?

I have seen several advertised, which one works the best?

Is there machining involved?



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Jul 27, 2001
Theories abound on this one and just as many opinions. I have changed one rifle over to a "speed lock" set up and honestly, have not noticed any difference in accuracy.

For shooters who are standing or not as supported, the shorter lock time could help reduce group size due to shooter movement. From a bench, with a varmint or bench gun, I don't see a benefit.

The difference in lock time is very small. The Rem 700 is blessed with a very fast lock time already from the factory. As long as the spring is not damaged or worn out, I can't see much benefit.

Some have said that the speedlock with the lighter firing pins have had inconsistent ignition. This is bad as hangfires will cause big problems.

Keep the pin and spring clean and lightly oiled and spend the money on more bullets.



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Jun 12, 2001
Palmer, Alaska
I've heard the same thing as Jerry said too, almost word for word. The jury is still out for me though, I'll keep listening for more substantial and methodical tests before deciding, for or against. With the recent "positive" posts here on them, I'm even more confused now.

I'd be convinced if 100 rounds were fired in each of six different rifles with the Speedlock pin and 100 round in each with the standard pin in them, three would be M70's and three 700's. Only changing that component and shooting all 1200 rounds in the same day with the same shooter and conditions too. You think I'm asking too much?
I'll volunteer!

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