What a difference ammo makes...

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Aug 6, 2014
morning, I have a custom made 308 caliber. mauser 98 action,
timmey trigger, tuned, BMG machine wwii barrel. drill and
tapped for weaver rail, redfield mount and rings. H&S hunting stock.
Nikon monarch 6.5-20-44. bobbed the safety, full cerkote.
I shoot 135gr. barnes ttsx and sierra 130gr. hpbt, same powder,
same charge. shootin the same hole. I have never shot any other bullets
in this setup. the barrel is very unique. there is a 3/16
groove cut every 2" 1/8" deep. cut in full length of the
barrel. barrel was 36" long. #6 contour when obtained. barrel was
trimmed to 26" for rifle build. the barrel belonged to a
wwii veteran with his own machine shop. son sold me the barrel.
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