What .30 cal bullet to use?


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Mar 23, 2008
N. Central Indiana
My buddy is on the fence about taking Shawn's long range shooting class. I know his rifle is up to the task, it'll group < moa at 200-300 Yds with 180g accubonds (I don't remember exactly just how much < moa it'll shoot). I just don't know what bullet to use for the class. I'll be reloading with him (my stuff, he'll do the work) and getting the gun dialed in if he decides to go. I just don't know which bullet to concentrate on. Unfortunately, I don't know the twist rate of his barrel (factory barrel - <100 rounds down the pipe). Here's what I do know:

Gun - Sig Sauer 202 takedown, chambered in .300 Win Mag. The barrel is supposed to be 25.6" long (65 cm). I haven't gotten the loading data from him yet, I remember loading 180g Bergers and 180g Accubonds for it, with the Bergers being slightly more accurate. I had him the 3-ring binder after we got the last batch of bullets loaded.

I don't know if his scope will have enough adjustment, it's a Swarovski 6.5-20 x 50 with target turrets, stock rings.

That's the only gun that he has that would be suitable for the class other than us both shooting my gun, which I'd prefer not to do (I really don't want to burn up 10%-15% of my barrel life just on what he'd be shooting out of my gun).

What bullet(s) should I be looking at for his gun?

It would be nice if he would go;
1)He'd get schooled on shooting and LR spotting
2)The 25-27hr drive would be much easier

As for all the other gear that he'd need, I have it. The only other downside of his gun is that he cannot fit a bipod to it - the sling swivel is a QD design, fitted into the end of his forend, not the bottom.

Well, let me rephrase the question. What wt. berger bullet would be better to use for Shawn's class if they all had the same accuracy @ 300 Yds (but not all the same mv)? Or, would there be a better (but still readily available) bullet to use?
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