What 16 power scope


Jul 13, 2004
I am looking for a sidewheel parallax adjustment plus 16x mag available in the u.k...any ideas anyone?
Nightforce NXS or Zeiss.
if 16x will surfice then go for the S&B PMII 4-16x50. want a good price on NXS call Duncans Gun Makers in Hull and tell em Pete Lincoln sent you.
IOR 16x with Mp-8 reticle or the Tasco SS in 16x.The Tasco is a good value and the IOR is worth what you pay for it.
Budget's not a problem it's the qaulity that is, my rifles get used and sometimes abused a bit.

I have three friends who swear by Nightforce but they have all had problems with them loosing zero and had to have them repaired. Not holding zero is something that I have never had with my S&B's on any of my rifles it's just a shame S&B don't make a fixed power 16x or something near.
US Optics T-PAL SN-3 3.2-17x44mm.
Gives you side focus and incredible ruggedness.

Also a slimmer, more streamlined SN-3 than the older ones like mine...sakofan....It doesnt get any better!!!
I am struggling with this same question, what 16x scope to put atop my new 338 Rum when it is completed next month. I
am worried about scope failure from recoil. Will most likely use a S&B 4x16 precision
hunter/PM2 or a Leupold MK4 16x. I have both of these scopes on other rifles but not of this
caliber. I am sure there would not be a problem but I have this thought stuck in the back of my
mind. Am I worried about nothing? Thanks, Nathan

I have been using a Schmidt & Bender 4 to 16 X 50 PM II with mil dot reticle for 5 years and have had zero problems with it. I have it mounted on a custom made 300 win mag.

I see your in the UK. If I may inquire, where in the UK? My wife is from Stoke - that's why I ask.

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