What’s wrong with the SA 2020 Waypoint rifle?

Well, I went out last weekend and ran a test on both rifles. Shot a few 3-shot and 5-shot groups, then used a Lead-Sled, and also had another accomplished PRS shooter shoot it.

Unfortunately, no significant difference between any of the above. See sample of a couple groups (target dots are 1").

I did, however, talk to Springfield Armory and they said they are happy to take a look at them. At this point, I'll take them up on it.View attachment 452243
C26664AE-547F-4875-9188-A564B126675E.jpeg1” dot, rounds # 11-15 out of mine when new and breaking in. With factory ammo. I think my skills (lack) opened it up some, I had never shot A CF barreled gun and honestly am not a fan of it on the bench. I do run a TBAC Ultra 7 on it.