What’s my GAP 280ai worth??

Resale value of GAP 280AI

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    Votes: 19 57.6%
  • $2000 - 2300

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  • $2300 - 2600

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  • $2600 - 2900

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Dec 26, 2020
Cincinnati, OH
Have a GAP built 280AI with 833 rounds down the barrel. I just built another 280ai so would appreciate opinions as to what do you think the GAP rifle is worth as I may decide to sell it. Specs below..

* Action: Rem700 blueprinted by GAP. Bolt fluted, side bolt stop (I was the original owner when i bought a 1991 Rem700 in 1991). BADGER 20moa base.
* Barrel: Bartlein #3 contour, 1/8.7twst, 24”, Vais brake
* Trigger: Jewel
* Bottom metal: PTG BDL style
* Stock: Manners MCS T2, carbon, 13 3/4” LOP, side flush cups (2 on left side), stud on forearm for bipod. Custom camo paint job by Manners.

Have developed loads for 168VLD, 180VLD, 162Amax. Consistently shoots 100yd 5shot groups 0.3-0.7”.

Appreciate your input as I consider whether to sell or not. Thanks guys.


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Well, it looks great. That said, the barrel value is between 25-50%…how is stock wear?

Then there is the labor cost for GAP building a rifle…not sure how you adjust for all that.
You might get more if you could provide bore scope pictures of the throat. 280AI, while a darling (and I own one, built on my 700 action from the late 70s) is not as hot a ticket these days......

So many other shiny things to choose from.......
Don't sell it. You will regret it. You won't get the $$$ you should, that's just the way it is with customized anything...Basically parts minus labor and then how old/used. Look up the parts used now and then try to remember what you paid. Assuming this was built before all this craziness. A stock costs as much as a factory rifle now...

Barrel $200 (used)
Stock $400
Action $600
BM $150

$1300-$1500 maybe
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