Went and done it now


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Dec 12, 2005
I posted previously on thinking about moving up too a 300 Win mag and I was going to start looking around a little bit and see what my options were. Well I ended up having one pretty much fall in my lap. To make a long story short I ended up getting a NIB unfired Ruger for very few dollars. It is the Hawkeye version stainless with the tupperware stock 24" barrel. I was thinking about the Sendero for a factory stick but 300 bucks is 300 bucks. Perhaps I have a junker who knows? At the least it will give me something to experment with, load for and get some experience with at the bench. If it does not work out I am prety sure I can get 300 bucks for it no problem. I will get dies as soon as I can and start working on loads.

But the very best part was getting home with the rifle and getting that look! and the "how much"? Well 300 bucks is quite ok so I am grinnin. But as we all know that 300 bucks is logged in the good old memory bank. I predict a new sofa set appearing here in the next few months, goose and gander tit for tat and all that. Can't quite figure though how what I get works out to about 25% of the cost of what she gets. I really really need a new Truck and a shiny new quad would be nice but you can see my situation!!!!!!! LOL