Well, hello there


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Feb 7, 2013
Big cats are really really quiet.
Hes focused on scanning out 100s of yards but not laterally 3 feet. Hes saying to himself.....now where the heck are all the animals? Im not seeing anything.....

Maybe that's how it is with God too. We may be looking in all the wrong places, and He is there right beside us all along.

One things for sure, when we humans are in the oceans or jungles, or wilds where there are sharks, wolves, bears, and big cats, we are just another food source.

Best have your head on a swivel when you go into the lion's den.

Not the time to think you are on a sight seeing jaunt thru disney world......

Lot of people today are in Disney World full time........sadly so. In a postmodern worldview, their "Truth" is that they are masters of the universe in the lion's den, but then they have a reality check and a rude awakening.

Yore head in a lion's mouth goes crunch like potatoe chips.....that's the real Truth.