Weighing options on new XP

Discussion in 'Specialty Handgun Hunting' started by Alaska_Seth, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. Alaska_Seth

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    Apr 5, 2011

    There are quite a few XP-100's on Gun Broker for $650-1800.

    Option 1.

    I figure if I am into one for $550 shipped, and it's a 221 I am going to be in another $288 plus shipping for a new Bolt from PTG.

    Plus $275 for a stock.

    Plus $450 to true, fit bolt and barrel

    Plus $350 for a fluted barrel

    Plus $180 for a brake fitted

    Plus $160 for Cerakote.

    Plus $160 for mounts.

    Using original trigger stoned and worked over $100.

    So now we are at $2483.

    This is with me doing about half the work and a smith I trust doing half.

    I am a gunsmith, but I won't have a lathe when we move in 7 months. And probably won't have one for quite a while.

    Option 2

    Defiance, Stiller, Hall and so on action $850-1400
    Plus Cerakote $160
    Plus mounts $160
    Plus stock $275
    Plus barrel fit and barrel fluted (no trueing so I am knocking off $350) $450
    Plus trigger $200

    Is $2095-2650 for what is a better gun.

    Option 3

    HS Precision $2760.

    Price point makes them pretty even.

    I have only ever owned Remington Specialty Pistols and a few of them were bought 2nd hand as customs.

    I have never even touched a HSP, but i have owned a custom XP-100 with that stock on it. It was a 284 and the stock pinched my hand pretty hard.

    I am going to use a McMillan stock if I build something from scratch.
  2. Alaska_Seth

    Alaska_Seth Well-Known Member

    Apr 5, 2011
    One more question, if I go with a custom action I was thinking about going right bolt left port?

    What do you think?
  3. tinkerer

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    Jul 12, 2012
    Are you right handed or left?

    Righty, I would have a left bolt, left port. Or a left hand action.

    Lefty, standard XP is fine.

    I may have sticker shock, but $2700 on a SP? I like the HSP, but just can't afford to play oin that playground.

    I guess that why I like te Savage Striker and the Savage undesignated target action. Barrels from McGowen for $180 prechambered any contour. Bolts are available for any bolt head, swappable. Triggers from SSS. Stocks from Joel Russo. The big dollar these days is the scope, and there's no escaping that. I presonally make my own fancy wood center grip stocks. Its fun, even if maddening.

    Your money, your choice.

  4. Topstrap

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    Sep 13, 2010
    What is this LR pistol going to be used for? If strictly LR matches or hunting off a bench or even prone then I'd not even consider anything other than an undesignated Savage Target action and build from there. I just finished one on the Target action with a rear grip 7fingers stock in 6XC and also an XP100 converted to rear grip with another 7fingers stock in 260 with a McGowen Rem-Age barrel setup.

    I already had two XP100 pistols to work with that we shot as mid grips for our local 1000 yard steel plate matches and wanted to see how one would work set up as rear grip. It needed a new barrel so we set it up as a rear grip. Now that I've had more time to work with my Savage Target LR pistol in 6XC it's hard to even take time to work with the XP100 although it does shoot fantastic but being lighter it does tend to jump slightly more than the heavier Savage so we can see hits/misses easier.

    If anyone asks me after seeing all of our LR pistols which I'd go with if doing another one, order a Savage Target Action with one of the many pre-chambered barrels, add a 30moa mount and a 7fingers rear grip stock with a good scope and you'll have the rifle shooters looking for ways to increase their scores at those extended distance matches.