Weighing cases?


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Mar 19, 2002
Prince George British Columbia
OK, I've got my groups to .7-.8 moa at 600 yds and I've done everything except check for run-out, (which I dont have the tool for yet) and weigh cases. I want to tuck them onto .5 moa thereabouts before moving out to the 1000yd marker. What tolerance is acceptable in brass. I just weighed a bunch and theres bout 7gr. high to low. How do I group them?
I haven't done any groupings @600yds yet, but I'd say as long as your cases are w/i a couple percent of the average, you're doing fine. Save up and get a concentricity guage from Sinclairs, or NECO. So far it's made more of a difference in my groups by far than the case weight.

This is how I do it.

I have three loading blocks setting end to end on the bench marked 156.1 to 157.0 on the first one, 157.1 to 158.0 on the second and 158.1 to 159.0 on the third.

Each row representing a 1/10th grain increment.

I weigh each case on the digital scale and place it in the correct row.

If I get more than five in a row I just put another loading block in front of it and move on.

After I'm done I count up fifty rounds from the lightest on up and keep them under a .5gr spread. If I have to go to a .6gr spread to get a fifty round box, that's what I do.

So long as it's under a 1.0 gr spread I'm happy. Usually it's in the .3 to .6 range with 308win but sometimes close to 1.0 with the 416wby cases.

I shoot groups with the ones in the same box only.

Does it help? It sure takes some time and effort to begin with and keep track of later on. Logic sayes it helps but how much I cannot say. I don't have time to check yet so I'll just do it and not worry or wonder.

I like the idea of sorting by velocity using the Oehler better, it makes just as much sense if not MORE. Plus I can practice reading the wind hitting gongs while sorting cases instead of speed weighing cases.

Idealy one would probably do both though.
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