Website targets wolf hunters – my response: FREE BULLETS to anyone on the list.


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Jan 27, 2008
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Here’s the article in the Idaho Statesman dated 1/29/2010 that I'm referring to
Web site targets wolf hunters | News Updates | Idaho Statesman

Rick Hobson, a Boise wolf advocate, used a public records request to get the names of hunters who reported wolf kills to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. Hobson posted 122 names and bought a classified ad in the Idaho Statesman that directed people to a Web site.

He said harassment was not his intent.

"I certainly hope that doesn't happen," Hobson said.

But Robert Millage, Idaho's first successful wolf hunter, said he's been dealing with harassment since he killed a wolf on the opening day of the season in September.

The Kamiah man's name and a photo of him holding the wolf was published in newspapers, magazines and Web sites - some of which listed his home address, e-mail address and other personal information.

Millage countered with a Web site of his own to show some of the thousands of angry e-mails he's gotten. Some describe him as an "inbred hillbilly," a "sick killer" and "pure evil."

"I definitely went on the offensive and made it known to the media the dark side of the enviros," he said. "It helped back them off."

Hunters should be aware that by participating in hunts, they're entering into the wolf debate, Hobson said.

"They're paying for the privilege to use a resource that belongs to all of us," Hobson said. "They've made a conscious decision to do something that other people in this state disapprove of."

Idaho Fish and Game requires successful wolf hunters to report a kill within 24 hours. But the purpose of those harvest reports is to provide biological data to manage animals, not force hunters into a political debate, according to John Hendley, a hunter from McCall.

"I have some concerns over the safety of the individuals listed," said Hendley, who didn't harvest a wolf last year and isn't on the list.

"What (Hobson) is doing is legal on one hand, but immoral on the other."

Ed Mitchell, information supervisor for Idaho Fish and Game, said the agency has received a few complaints, but had no choice but to release the names.

"We understand the concerns, but under state law, and upon request, we have to give up the names," he said.

Fish and Game provides no other information about the hunters and plans to add a disclaimer in the next hunting rules booklet that warns people that their names may be released.

Hobson knows what it's like to have his private information in the public arena. Hunters retaliated by putting his name, address and other information on a pro-hunting Web site. It was later removed, and Hobson said no one has contacted him.

"I'm pretty sure the person who put (up) my contact information was doing so in the hopes that I would be harassed," said Hobson, who wasn't sure if he would continue to publish the list.

"The thing for me to do at this point is wait and see what happens and take actions accordingly," he said.

Millage, who bought a 2010 wolf tag, said his recent notoriety hasn't deterred him from hunting.

"They think if they put people's names out there and stop a few people from hunting, they feel like they've won," Millage said.

Hendley, who said he has contacted the governor and state legislators about changing the law to keep hunter harvest reports private, agrees.

"Hunting is a privilege I have earned," he said.

This stuff makes me outraged.

That slimy bastard, like our current president, Rick Hobson does one thing and says the exact opposite. “…I’ve been accused of fomenting the harassment of wolf hunters. That was not my intent. I do hope people use this list to foster a continued dialog about the issue.” - I call ******** - it’s abundantly clear that his intent is to harass wolf hunters.

Here’s the list he published,
Idaho Wolf Tag Kills to 12/22/09

These wolf hunters should be applauded not harassed. So if you are on this list please email me for a box of free bullets. If you know someone on this list, have them email me if they reload and would like to try a box.

I’d also like to encourage anyone else making/selling hunting related products to reward these people with free product. They are doing all of us a favor.

Good post.

I'm all healed from the surgery and from the left eye lens implant (**** its good to see again). Went from counting fingers to 20-20. Right eye gets done Monday. Then a week or so to heal and its off to the mtns.

Gonna cheat. Snow machine, tag along trailer to carry camping stuff and the AM across my back.

I've been out a couple of times but not long enough. 4 woofs to go and I got a tag.

I'll work my butt off to get on that list.:rolleyes:
Track the money back to the source.
Check the privacy laws out for that state. This sounds not legal
Contact all the names and we will raise the funds to prevent this from continuing
Contact the NRA make them aware of this
If we lay down it will only get worst
Thanks for stepping up Wildcat !!!! Or season ended so fast in MT is was ridiculous, I know of over 20 wolves that were killed by FWP just after the season closed, I'm looking for a big quota increase!!!
What's good for the goose:

Updated, here is a photo of the pudgy little guy protesting on the right:

Rick Hobson lives at parents house
His email is [email protected]
His home number is 208-344-3325
His home file system is WildWolves.Homeip.Net Webserver
Born in 1959, Boise High class of 1978

Google map -
Clifford Gene & Nora Hobson
1148 Santa Maria Dr
Boise, Id 83712

Nora (7/31/1923 - 10/04/2009)

Brothers David(1943) & Bob(1947)

His work number is 208-429-1697
He works for Jon Marvel, Hailey, Idaho Wingnut
Western Watershed
1320 West Franklin Street
Boise, Idaho

Old address:
Richard M. Hobson
1148 Santa Maria Drive
Boise, Idaho 83712
[email protected]

I am interested in obtaining work with animal activist or environmental education organizations who might need the skills of a competent desktop publisher/graphic designer. I have extensive Macintosh skills, and am comfortable with working with HTML on the World-Wide-Web. I would prefer to stay in Idaho, but will consider moving for the proper job.

I will also enjoy hearing from service bureaus, printshops or copy centers who might need Macintosh support.

The text of my resume follows. Please feel free to contact my references, or to write/email for more information. Thank you for your consideration.

-Rick Hobson


1992 - 1996
Contact: Sarah Hainey (905)880-0479
Worked at Whale Conservation Institute as Graphic Designer/desktop publishing consultant. Responsible for design of in-house publications, catalogs, flyers and the Institute¹s newsletter Critical Habitat, distributed to over 2,000 addresses. maintained electronic mail contact with important individuals in the marine mammal field. Created and maintained electronic documents for the WCI on the ŒWorld Wide Web.¹

1990 - 1992
Contact: Linda Fitzgerald (208)342-3474
Worked at SpectraGraphics, a computer typesetting and printing firm. Learned further skills in desktop publishing and design, including training in the use of programs such as Aldus PageMaker, Quark Express, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Became proficient in creating computerized photograph halftones and performing touch-ups. Learned various printing procedures such as direct-to-plate and direct-to-film printing. Learned how to do color separations with Adobe Separator and Aldus Pre-print. Mixed photo-chemicals for plate and film processors, and was directly responsible for care and cleaning of printing equipment. Became familiar with creation and maintenance of small-scale Macintosh computer networks.

Contact: Suzanne Laverty (208)343-2248
Editor of the newsletter Packtracks /Member of the Board of Directors of the Wolf Recovery Foundation , now the Wolf Education and Research Center (Ketchum, ID).

Participated in a series of experiments conducted by NOAA at the Marine Resources Development Foundation (Key Largo, FL). Participants spent time under pressure living and working in an underwater habitat. Once on the surface, Doppler Sonar was used to study the rate at which nitrogen came out of solution in the blood. Three hour, twelve hour and Forty-eight hour stays were concluded. Participants who completed stays in the habitat of a length of twelve hours or greater were awarded Œaquanaut¹ status and presented with a certificate.

Contact: Joy Hampp (305)289-0002
Information Coordinator at the Dolphin Research Center (Grassy Key, FL). In charge of memberships, writing articles for and layout of the Dolphin Society Newsletter . Operated video and computer equipment, including a Macintosh SE equipped with desktop publishing and graphic software. Became versed with the workings of computer information networks, downloading information from online electronic information systems and maintaining contacts with the Center¹s supporters via electronic mail. Assisted in the care of 17 Atlantic bottlenose dolphins and three California sea lions. Participated in the care of stranded and sick animals. Successfully completed Dolphinlab , a week-long college-accredited course offered by the Dolphin Research Center.

Participated in a month-long internship with the Pacific Whale Foundation on the east coast of Australia. Duties included piloting a small power boat in moderate seas, radio monitoring, use of a surveyor¹s theodolite in tracking whales for a population survey and entering appropriate data into a small, portable computer.

Production Director, KBSU FM, the student-run radio station of Boise State University. Responsible for the creation of radio Œspots,¹ production of news and information programs.

Boise State University, Communication degree / BA.

Boise High School a three-year High School.

Certified Open-water Scuba diver (NAUI, YMCA), Computer operation and desktop publishing (Macintosh), Videotape recording and editing, photography. Audiotape recording and editing. HTML+ programming.

court record
enter - Rick Hobson
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Great post!!!!! The article made it to the Blackfort Morning News this morning.

You're in Ray Montgomery's territory. He did a great job on barrel installation and thru in a bunch of extras. Did a great job.

May the fruit of a thousand chigger matings find residence in Hobson's skivvies. lightbulb:cool:gun)
Posting up the names and addresses of the offenders makes you no better than what you are complaining about. It may make you feel good but if you pursue the legal outcome this will only hinder your progress. Remember the persons that are harrassing fellow hunters have no ethics. Your suppose to be above that, why give them anything to remotely suggest we are harrassing them in the same manner?????
Posting up the names and addresses of the offenders makes you no better than what you are complaining about. It may make you feel good but if you pursue the legal outcome this will only hinder your progress. Remember the persons that are harrassing fellow hunters have no ethics. Your suppose to be above that, why give them anything to remotely suggest we are harrassing them in the same manner?????

Approaches to campaigning against the "other side" of the thinking may show trends depending upon the different regions of the country. The "western" person, those who have long histories of and many generations in the rural west may draw a more distinct line in the sand from a similar person, with similar hunting interests with s similar background/heritage from rural Pennsylvania, as an example.

I learned much about the western attitude/culture from having lived until the age of 20 or so in PA and VA then moving to the west. The first things I learned were that when one wrecked the car one usually died (Speed limit in the 60s was 75, before interstates. Secondly when one attempted to rob the country store and grandma was behind the counter one tended to be DRT.

The western folks are a bit independent and less tolerant of things of which they disapprove.

These folks come face to face on a one to one basis with leaders from "the other side of thinkin', on a regular basis.

Thus from my view point the more transparent the maneuvering and full disclosure of identities of those involved the better.

The Northwest and New Mexico where the rubber meets the road and offices "back east" or in other particular locations in the country doesn't carry the weight at the "individual" level here as it may more towards the coasts.

While we are a law abiding people, there are those who are most directly impacted by the wolf issue who quietly challenge the legal system. I don't fully agree with them as I haven't had a wolf in my sights as of yet.

I talk alot about shoot and release and the heart is located behind the ribs but haven't actually faced that decision head on as I haven't had a wolf in my sights yet. That will be the moment of reckoning for me. Never having broken a law of any sort, and with a high anxiety level, I have a wolf tag in my wallet, I suppose I'll do, as always, the legal thing.
RBetts is spot on. It doesn't get looked upon favorably by the courts.

Maybe so, but if it was illegal, why hasn't something been done to stop publishing the list of hunters? The anti's use every tool that they can, I think we should too.

As for as stooping to their level, hell yes I would if that's what it takes to continue to legally hunt.
esshup, not saying anythings outlined in the post so far is illegal but if the hunting community wants to go the legal route all I'm saying is tit for tat doesn't help the case. I agree fight back with all means available as long as it doesn't hurt any legal case possibly pursued. Just my 2 cents.
Roy and Esshup
I understand exacty what your saying. I have family in Utah, Montana and Wyoming. The joke in the humor forum would describe my cousin Brook to a T. I understand how it should work I have used tactics similar in my past.
Bottom line is they are wrong if you do the same thing no matter how good it feels you are wrong too. Look at the funding 3 layers down you find the name of George Soros. Knowing that you look at past events of a similar nature. What was the outcome,how diod they get there etc. That's called pattern recognigiton. If your a hunter the quicker you can recognize a pattern the easer it is to to defeat it. It was a Soros funded team that caused this
Hunters' free speech - hunter harassment laws - In Brief | E: The Environmental Magazine | Find Articles at BNET
This is why I suggessted the NRA. I have personally asked for assistance. They sent all the documentation to my lawyer to fight a case for me. Had i not done that, I would have lost because the legalease used is contradictory in the state of Mass.
If you feel defeated before you go to court that is the plan of the anti's Remember they will do anything for there cause. You cannot stoop to their level because they have planned for that, plus they are better at it than you.
We outnumber them. We must organize now or they will pick us apart. I'm not a lawyer but I know a very good one. I will ask him to come on here when I get home over the wknd. Right now I have very limited access to the internet but I will try to stay up with this thread
Again I will get in touch with some people to find out the procedure we as a group must take to stop this. I cannot do this alone so I expect help from all of you.
My email to send info for this cause is [email protected]. If it's to tell me what kind of day to have or I don't feces about something don't waste the time or space. But if it's to advance this or similar causes I will set up a hub to distribute this to those that will fight for us
I'll check back when i can but most likely it will be once a day in the morning till next week.
NRA-ILA :: First For Hunters - Safari Club International Hunters website forums - Yahoo! Search Results - Learn what NRA is doing to defend your freedom to hunt.
Here are some places to start. Get in touch with manufactures of our products we have the power let.s get it aligned and stop this NOW
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