Weaver Tactical - Anyone know anything?


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Oct 8, 2009
I'm looking into reasonably priced, hi-performance scopes for a build/re-build i'm wanting to do.

Does anyone know about the Weaver Tactical line-up? Here's a link:

Weaver 4-20x50 Tactical 30mm Rifle Scope

The specs seem pretty good and Weaver seems to have a better reputation than in years past...

Any opinions?!?

I've looked at/read about the Sightron SFIII 6-24x50mm and the Bushnell Elite 6500 4.5-30x50mm and am "shopping" in this price range. Both are well-regarded and seem perfect for my application (LRH), but i'm always interested in more options!!!

Base spec's for the scope i need must have 30mm tube and 3.5-5 minimum power, turret knobs, matte finish, and more MOA adjustment is better.


I own a couple of weaver tacticals in one inch tubes they seem to be ok for what they are with the exception they don't let much light in,even on a bright day.Maybe 30 mm would be better.Now I have never shot the elite 6500 but they sure look nice andhave heard good things about them.

If you ever want to dump either of those old weaver tacticals keep me in mind.

I have one and flat love it. Only complaint is 1/8 moa turret adjustments.

The magic is the FFP. I'd have no problem taking a longer shot at dusk @ 4.5X.

The old ones are tougher than nails (braked 338 RUM 300SMKwws @2730 and 9# rifle.


Have the new models hit the street yet?

When I talked with the Weaver rep. he assured me that the new ones were much improved over the older tactical. But, that was him doing a bit of selling I think.

The 50mm objective will let in more light. Tube diameter has nothing to do with light transmission. But gives more adjustment, usually.

Given half a chance and a need for another scope, I'd willingly risk the Weaver price. I'd think it would be a safe investment.
Hi Bozo and RoyInIdaho -

Thanks for the replys!

Yes, i was looking at the 'new'(?) Weaver Tactical models. I don't know for sure if they've hit the streets or not though....just thinking they were b/c a few sites have 'em listed (and at ever-lowering prices too!!!). They seem to have such a great price for what *seems* to be excellent spec's from a reputable manufacturer.

I do believe tube diameter/light transmission can have a relationship, but not necessarily. Whether more light is transmitted (or not) through that fatter tube to the viewing lens depends on quite a bit.

Of primary concern to the transmission of light is the quality of the lens elements in the tube, type of glass used (APO for example), their respective coatings, internal non-glass light dampening coatings, front/rear objective size/coatings, the quality of the optical assembly of all those elements and even the types of adhesives used (or not) to 'cement' them all in place.

The 30mm tube does usually allow for greater elevation/windage adjustment which is really helpful when needing to reach out long-distance.

Base spec's for the scope i need must have 30mm tube and 3.5-5 minimum power, turret knobs, matte finish, and more MOA adjustment is better.


If you're looking for max MOA adjustment don't pass up the Sightron SIII, 100 MOA of travel. I have one and it is my favorite scope to date. Read the reviews online you'll see a lot of people will compare them to the Nightforce or actually rate them higher. You can get them for around $760 online.
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